Custom made headboards possibilities in Singapore

Keeping it alll white.

Sometimes the fabrics are what make the headboard have that designer look.

Can you afford a custom made luxury headboard that is handmade in Singapore?

Contact us so that you can get your bespoke headboard that fits into your room. It is easy, all you have to do is send us images of the headboard that you like and we will be able to give you an rough estimate of the cost to make one.

spotted in a local magazine…

“Do-it-yourself headboards can be an easy way to make high-impact, low-cost improvements to bedroom decor. These two ideas are from Singapore’s Home & Decor magazine: one’s a cushy take on upholstery …. The cushy headboard requires 9 small cushions (or batting-wrapped panels) that are covered in complimentary fabrics. The panels are fixed in a gridContinue reading “spotted in a local magazine…”