Add a pink art to feel love again.

Pink will whispers loving feelings into your heart.


Tropical art can do wonders for how you feel about your life.

Commission a piece of Art when you custom made your sofa or upholstery with Centrepiece Furnishing

Outdoor cushions of different sizes.

Many times, going back to the retail store for custom made covers will cost more. Do yourself a favour and cut away with the fancy retail store and go direct to us.

Custom made your furniture instead of buying unreliable source.

it makes more sense to buy long-lasting, timeless pieces that are sturdy enough to move with you than it is to re-buy every time you move, or every time your desk falls apart.

Our bespoke service for headboard

Firstly have a good look around the site and see what sort of Upholstered Headboard shape you might like, then I suggest you look at our swatch collection and order any that you like. We will send them straight out to you free of charge. If you want to use your own fabric that’s fine, some customers have a very clear idea of what they want and we work with lots of very beautiful fabrics.