Custom made headboards

If you can afford it, custom made your headboards with reliable upholstery business with over 40 years of experience in Singapore. It will cost more but you are quarantee of the top quality.

Decide the style you want in this beautiful house.

sofa at best value and quality in Singapore

Teak wood collection.

Coffee table with re-use solid teakwood at USD $200. Ask us about the size and arrange to have a look at the furniture. Teakwood wooden structure for your consideration. Of course, the seating and fabrics are made to order. So you can to choose the design your want. Playing our part in the ECO-conservation ofContinue reading “Teak wood collection.”

Packed with orders… again…

I am beginning to feel embarrass by letting you know¬†that we are packed with orders again. I know we should have hire more helps since we have already expanded our workshop to accommodate more orders. However, to ensure that all products that are manufacture and make by us is of the utmost quality. We hadContinue reading “Packed with orders… again…”