Fabrics that you should use for your outdoor furniture.

If you have bought your outdoor rattan or furniture at a reputable store, you will likely know about Sunbrella fabrics. There have been known to be fabrics for the Home with Unparalleled Performance. Design matters. Without great design, the spaces in our homes lack meaning and inspiration. The perfect combination of color, texture and pattern […]

I want Banana leave print everywhere in my house!

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How Amazing Are These Banana Leaf Headboard?

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Ask for our overstock fabrics and shop for less in Singapore.

Each of our over stock fabric is handpicked from designer brands such as Acacia Fabrics, Korla, Sunbrella, Romo, Jim thomson, and many others. Choose from our awesome over stock upholstery fabric selection and find the color, pattern, style or brand that is just right for you. Let your décor represent your individuality.

How to Pick a Fabric Pattern for Upholstery

The size and price of the piece should dictate your risk on picking a pattern.
Small piece? You can take risks outside your comfort zone and even choose a bold color or pattern you might not have considered before. Try out a trendy pattern you’ve had your eye on. If you don’t love it in a couple years, you won’t have wasted to much.
Large piece? This is the time to make sure you will be ok to live with this fabric for a while. The investment of fabric and the reupholstery deserves a more conservative approach.

Velvet Is Taking Over (& We’re Not Mad About It)

For the longest time in home design, velvet has been synonymous with luxury and opulence, and I’m not suggesting that’s changed overnight. But when I spoke to interior designer Nicole Gibbons just before the holidays, she seemed to think that this once fancy pants material was starting to go mainstream, mainly because of advances in fabric technology.

Picking the Perfect Upholstery Fabric

For upholstery projects that will not be used every day, like decorative or heirloom pieces, performance characteristics might not be as important, which opens up a wider variety including silk, wool, linen, cotton duck, embellished fabrics and more! Just look for home décor fabrics in the medium to very heavyweight range.

It is tropical and banana leave print everywhere!

There is something about this print designs that makes you feel that life can bloom again. That we are alive!

The Worst Fabrics for Pet Owners

Silk is very delicate, so animals will destroy it quickly. Velvet is also very luxurious, but easy to damage and very difficult to clean.

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Huge range of fabric options to choose from , or supply your own fabric . The choices are endless .

Going pink with these custom made armchair!

My recommendation is to go for it. It is a colour that will last and make you feel good.
Get some advice on this so that we can discuss how this can help you achive the look that you want.

Custom made headboards

If you can afford it, custom made your headboards with reliable upholstery business with over 40 years of experience in Singapore. It will cost more but you are quarantee of the top quality.

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Where to buy a sofa in Singapore

If you need to customise a sofa to suit your home, Centrepiece produces long-lasting pieces handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. Take your pick of various fabrics, from textured to patterned, and choose your preferred materials, style and shape for the right fit. You can also opt to use the store’s sofa restoration services.