We take pride in your grace! Thank you.

We are proud of what we do and we sincerely want you to be happy with what we offer. No promises, no fancy words and certainly no disguise. In all honesty, we are very grateful for customers who share your happiness with us. It does make a great deal of difference to us 🙂 Thank […]

EMAIL us now and be on our mailing list to receive a discount voucher.

Yes, it is time for the year end and we are preparing for christmas now. Do sent us your email and mailing address and we will post you a voucher straight away! Sent it to Justin(AT)centrepiece.com.sg , http://www.centrepiece.com.sg check us out on facebook.

Direct sofa manufacturer are not all the same.

Seriously, you should seriously ask around for recommendation from your friends and colleaugues. Get 2nd opinion and go to someone reputable and reliable. Cos in the long run, quality of your product and the workmanship maybe what you are really paying for.   SO choose wisely, choose people with a good reputation and is reliable. […]

Time for that upholstery to renew the look for this christmas?

Christmas is a little two months away and this maybe the best time to contact us for that re-upholstery that you have been thinking about for some time? Well, contact Vince 90305057 or email: info(AT)centrepiece.com.sg or visit: http://www.centrepiece.com.sg early this christmas. As we are a small family business that spend a great deal of time with each of […]

I need a COMFORT sofa now.

I think the current local trend in contemporary sofa has been clean and “office like” shapes and designs. It is the kind of sofa that matches your white walls and designer’s chic black vase. I guess you would know what I am referring to if you have been out shopping for a sofa at the retail stores. On […]