Things do get better with age.

I have to agree that sometimes, the excitement of having something new may compel me to actively search for new things in my life. I think you may have such feelings before?

But sometimes, if you look at the armchair below that we upholstery recently.


You maybe able to see that age-arm of that beautiful chair. It’s an overwhelming feeling of love, a work of art, something I can’t even imagine.  I have found myself wrapped in a voiceless bewilderment, unable to find the words to properly express that inexpressible something.


So my imagination created the loving stories of how this chair has aged so gracefully. And of course, the new upholstery has added a “chic” air to the feeling of the chair. Don’t you agree?

If you happened to have a precious chair that you want to give a new look? Text us for an appointment: Vince 90305057.

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