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We have guided our efforts in providing a safe, healthy and positive working environment for our employees, while also being friendly to the environment.


How to Bring Rattan into Your Spaces in an Elevated Way- Singapore

We know how to take rattan and wicker furniture from frumpy to fabulous. “If you’re working with a chair or a sofa, for instance, simply adding a seat cushion or pillows, or going all in with a new upholstery job in a current fabric, can go a long way toward making the piece feel more modern.”

Are you satisfied with the comfort the sofa offers?

The same goes for the height. If you’re short, buying a sofa with a high seat height or a large seat depth means that your legs will dangle. This ultimately puts stress for your core and lower back as gravity pulls your feet towards the ground. On the other hand, if you are tall and the sofa is too short/has shallow seating, you might put undue pressure on your knees.

Life Is Simple, Sit Back and Breath…

Just as we advance in the complexity and convenience that modern technology can bring to us. We also cannot deny that, greater than ever, we seems to be looking back into the natural way of life as much. Naturally, it seems that the Japanese has an uncanning ability to merge modernity and nature. Don’t you […]

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Packed with orders… again…

I am beginning to feel embarrass by letting you know that we are packed with orders again. I know we should have hire more helps since we have already expanded our workshop to accommodate more orders. However, to ensure that all products that are manufacture and make by us is of the utmost quality. We had […]

We are expanding! And fully packed with orders again till 30th May 2011!

Many thanks to our clients who have, over the last few years, been recommending our services to their friends! With immense gratitude we have been able to provide everybody with the same no frill quality services and products to all. Our motto remains largely the same of better quality for the same price. Centrepiece furnishing is thus […]

Centrepiece furnishing official updates          Centrepiece Furnishing is a conceptual lifestyle furniture workshop. Our vast collection of eclectic pieces,ranging from traditional to contemporary stlyes, allows seamless flow of fluidity and splendor into your homes and lifestyle. Our comprehensive collections allows dedicated home-owners to choose from different styles, textures and colours. Whether your style rides into the traditional lines […]