Outdoor cushions can be updated according to the current trend.

Sticking to your worn out cushions and seats may be an embarressment when your friends come over for house parties.


Decide the style you want in this beautiful house.

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Cool blue sofa designs in Singapore

It feels luxurious to me.

Spotted: A Cane Comeback – Warm and natural cane furniture and accessories lend a laid-back feel inside and out

Warm and natural cane furniture and accessories lend a laid-back feel inside and out

Sofa fabrics matter as much as the actual sofa

And if you think you prefer a sofa made out of other fabrics, there are others made out of synthetic (eg. nylon, polyester blends, rayon) or natural fabrics (eg. silk, linen, wool). Do bear in mind that each of these has their own pros and cons, so it is necessary to do more research before making a purchase.

Are you satisfied with the comfort the sofa offers?

The same goes for the height. If you’re short, buying a sofa with a high seat height or a large seat depth means that your legs will dangle. This ultimately puts stress for your core and lower back as gravity pulls your feet towards the ground. On the other hand, if you are tall and the sofa is too short/has shallow seating, you might put undue pressure on your knees.

Home and house have such lovely information on hos to choose a sofa!

custom made sofa and upholstery in SIngapore. Classic sofa and expensive sofa

Ways to Use Accent furniture in Your Home – Chairs & Sofa

It can even be in a different style from the rest of your furniture for an even greater contrast. We know that mixing two very different styles can create amazing results. So if the rest of your furniture is traditional, try bringing in a modern chair, or the other way round.