Custom headboard.

if you came into this page. You are probably looking for a headboard that will fit the look of your room. You have spend a bomb on the interior design of your house and why start to save on that prefect headboard now?

So you would like to have a custom made headboard? I think we can help you with this. However, if you expect our prices to match mass produced products then i may have to disappoint you.


We pride ourselves for giving you the best in not only quality of material but also in workmanship. We save on hiring fancy salesman or fanciful decor in retail space so that we can bring these savings to you. You will get better quality for the same amount spend.


Okay, so you decided to design and create a unique headboard from us. What can you do next?


It’s simple. Find a headboard that you feel that you really like and text us the image to 90305057 or email: in(AT) from there, we will give us an estimated quote. It will definitely cost you more! And you get better stuff certainly.


Our sofa maker will speak to you directly to arrange for a viewing of the fabrics that you like and to discuss further on how you like your custom made headboard.

So text us in whatapps at 90305057.



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