Cool blue sofa designs in Singapore


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I like cool blue.

Image result for beautiful light blue sofa

It feels gentle.

Image result for beautiful light blue sofa

It feels cosy.

Image result for beautiful light blue sofa

It feels luxurious to me.

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Contact me and custom made it so that you can feel good again with this subtle hue of blue. or email: info(at)



Spotted: A Cane Comeback – Warm and natural cane furniture and accessories lend a laid-back feel inside and out


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Popular in the 1980s, cane furniture, along with rattan and wicker, is back in style in a big way. This warm and natural comeback kid exudes a relaxed and tropical vibe. Even better, many cane pieces are available for a steal at secondhand stores.

Wondering how cane differs from rattan and wicker? Cane refers to thin strips of rattan bark. Rattan is a tropical vining plant; its jointed stems produce some of the strongest wood available. Wicker is a generic term for a woven material made of natural (cane, rattan, reed, bamboo) or synthetic fibers.

Here are some ways you can introduce the vintage look of cane into your place.

Sofa fabrics matter as much as the actual sofa


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Aside from the bed, the sofa has got to be one of the most frequently used furniture in the home. In other words, you’ll need one that can last longer than a millenial’s attention span, and is both comfortable and compatible with the overall décor of the living room.

corazon-yuanching-5What we are trying to advocate is to pick a sofa based on fabric durability. Mind you, we are not advising you to select a sofa based on fabric colour or pattern. We’re talking about the actual material the sofa is made of.

As sofas tend to be heavily utilized, it is prudent to pick one made out of fabric which:

  • Is able to withstand wear and tear
  • Does not snag or easily come undone at the seams
  • Will not easily wrinkle or leave stains
  • Is lint free and does not attract dust (especially so if you or other family members have allergies)

The most common ones in the market are made of cotton or leather. That said, if you’re more inclined to purchase the former because its affordability, it is important to take note of the thread count and yarn density. In addition, it is more eco-friendly and there is less animal cruelty. At centrepiece, you will be able to choose what you need at our workshop in Ang Mo Kio avenue 5.

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And if you think you prefer a sofa made out of other fabrics, there are others made out of synthetic (eg. nylon, polyester blends, rayon) or natural fabrics (eg. silk, linen, wool). Do bear in mind that each of these has their own pros and cons, so it is necessary to do more research before making a purchase.

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Only in Singapore: Whatapps 90305057 and text a photo of what you want to custom made and get a estimated quote.

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Are you satisfied with the comfort the sofa offers?


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There are some homeowners who use their sofas to laze while watching television, others prefer to sit and read. That said, an ideal sofa should fit with the kind of activity you will be using it primarily for.


If you see yourself sitting on it quite frequently, then it pays to give more attention to the height and back of sofa to maintain a good posture. Some contemporary sofas may appear sleeker with a lower back (an estimated 0.8 metres from the ground), but that would also mean you might not be giving your back adequate support.

Image result for measurements for sofa

The same goes for the height. If you’re short, buying a sofa with a high seat height or a large seat depth means that your legs will dangle. This ultimately puts stress for your core and lower back as gravity pulls your feet towards the ground. On the other hand, if you are tall and the sofa is too short/has shallow seating, you might put undue pressure on your knees.

Image result for measurements for sofa

If you want to keep it simple, you can email or call us now and custom made a sofa, armchair or dining chair that can match your needs.

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Home and house have such lovely information on hos to choose a sofa!


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Contact us if you are in Singapore and is thinking of making a sofa that is very different from the rest of your friends.

Whatapps: at 9030 5057 and arrange for an appointment.

Ways to Use Accent furniture in Your Home – Chairs & Sofa


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Accent furniture is a piece of furniture that stands out because it complements a room’s decor. The term comes from a meaning of the word accent which means stress, or emphasis.

Image result for accent chairs naturallycane a must

Any piece of accent furniture worthy of being called that goes beyond mere functionality. It is often used for its great decorative value above all other considerations. You may not even have any practical or utilitarian need for it, but it serves to draw the eye in and create a bit of excitement, much like an accent color.

Image result for accent chairs a must

 Its purpose is to add color, definition, and drama to an interior space.​

When thinking of bringing an accent piece into your home, there are many ways to go about it. It might be a good idea to splurge here, depending on the kind of accent you need. Or, if your style dictates it explore flea markets or thrift stores for vintage finds. You may even try your hand at DIY for a one of a kind look. The idea is to find something that delights you and gives your home that something extra that makes people take notice.

Image result for accent chairs a must Image result for accent chairs a must

Choose a Chair With Flair

Chairs are very often used as accent pieces. When you are selecting an accent chair look for one with a strong profile, or outstanding upholstery or a color that bowls you over.

Image result for accent chairs naturallycane a must Image result for accent chairs naturallycane a must

It can even be in a different style from the rest of your furniture for an even greater contrast. We know that mixing two very different styles can create amazing results. So if the rest of your furniture is traditional, try bringing in a modern chair, or the other way round.

Contact us to arrange for an appointment to visit us at our workshop at Centrepiece Furnishing. Or whatapps : 90305057 or email: info(at) 


Reasons You Need a Bespoke Couch to be Made in Singapore.


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You can customize virtually anything nowadays, and furniture is no exception. The rising popularity of bespoke or custom-made items extends beyond tailored shirts or iPhone cases; you can now personalize your very own bespoke sofa that caters to your taste, needs, and budget. Enter centrepiece furnishing, an up-and-coming company that offers designer-level sofas that are significantly cheaper than other comparable retailers.

By removing the middlemen that normally hike up the prices of furniture, centrepiece furnishing allows you to work with a wide range of custom options, while still remaining affordable. Intrigued by the concept, we spoke with the company to gain some insight on why exactly customizable furniture is the way to go.

Read on for Reasons You Need a Bespoke Couch.

Your space is unique. Your furniture should be, too.

“Why conform to standard sizes and configurations when your space is a reflection of you?”

It’s time to up your couch game.

“You’ve graduated from the big-box sofa look, and the home assembly model you subscribed to during college no longer does the trick.”

You appreciate compliments.

“Everybody from your aunt to your date will rave about how impressed they are with your ability to furnish your pad with cool (non-generic) pieces.”

It’s just time for a change.

“That once-unique column in your loft lost its hipster appeal when you realized it prevents a standard sofa from fitting in your space.”

You discovered the virtues of a chaise and that two chaises are better than one.

“For years you tuned out your mother whenever she spoke of that perfect chaise lounge she just had to have. You had no idea what or who ‘chaise’ was; now you get it.”

You get to channel your inner designer.

“When you have guests over you’ll be able to make comments like, ‘I just couldn’t find anything I liked, so I designed my own sofa.'”

You’ll get serious style points from your significant other.

“And if you don’t have a S.O., your high-design furniture is certainly a step in the right direction.”

You’re making an investment.

“Your sofa will last for years, as will buyer’s remorse if you purchase a piece you’re not thrilled with.”

You don’t settle.

“Especially when we’re talking about where you’ll be sitting on game day. Keep in mind that this is also where you’ll be sleeping if you piss off your significant other.”

There’s now an option that doesn’t break the bank.

“Interior Define offers high-quality, custom pieces for a fraction of the price of comparable retailers. More money for drinks—everyone wins!”

Contact: or email: info(at) for more information on how you can custom made a sofa in Singapore. Deal directly with centrepiece at our workshop.

Custom Made Corner Sofas In Singapore


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Is it easy to find the corner sofa with the right size?

made to measure sofas

Perhaps one of the most popular requests that Centrepiece Furnishing get for a sofa made to measure is in our corner sofa range. Over the years we have made extra large corner sofas as well as some of the smallest corner sofas one has ever seen.

Centrepiece Furnishing provides one on one service inside our workshop. We have experienced workers ready to assist you design your perfect sofa that fits into your space.

There is no need to fret if that retail sofa will fit.

You will be one of the rare few in Singapore that is savvy enough to custom made sofa from us.

You will probably get a better valued sofa that you will not be embarrassed to show off to your wealthier cousins:P

So you should pop into our workshop at Northstar@amk today to check out our full range on offer. Do contact us for an appointment.  or email: info(at)

Unable to find the prefect size sofa?


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Life can be tough, you have a big house and somehow no retail store in Singapore sells the kind of sofa that you need. A sofa that is not the type that looks cheap or breakdown after a few years.

You certainly do not want to be embarrassed by your friends when they visit you and they realised that your sofa is from… alas.. “Ikea, courts or hive.”

If so, you should get a change immediately and custom made one.

Live better and reach out for better quality in life especially with the centrepiece of any living room.


How To Decorate With Oversized Sofas? Singapore


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If you’re anything like us, you spend a lot of your spare time sitting on your couch. Given a couch or suite of furniture is an investment for the years to come, and how often we sit on them, a quality sofa is worth investing in. And it’s certainly not a decision you make lightly!


You need to take a whole range of things into account before you purchase a couch, from size to practicality, style to comfort, and as it’s one of the most integral pieces of furniture in your home, you’ll want to take some time and look at all your options before you jump into picking just one.

With that in mind, welcome to  – a guide to our favourite Sofa – where you’ll find sofa that can transform the look of your living room – and some of the best of what we are offering, to give you an idea of the kinds of styles you’ll find in each custom made in Singapore sofa.

big sofa guide places in ireland to buy couches

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