I would prefer to buy a sofa that is custom made rather than buying a readymade sofa.


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Nikina Golly, Furniture blogger and analyst

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I would prefer to buy a sofa that is custom made rather than buying a readymade sofa. This is because the readymade sofa is generalized furniture. It would be according to generic dimensions which are used by majority of the people.

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I would want my sofa to the hero of my living room. It must be crafted in such a way that it fit in the dimensions of my living room area, which I have allotted for the sofa, the fabric which would go with the rest of the decor of the room.

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The design carved on the sofa would also be according to my requirement. So in all, customizing my own sofa is a better idea than buying readymade sofa. However there aren’t many local stores which provide an option of customization in Singapore.

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Centrepiece furnishing who is headed by Vince will give their customers an opportunity to custom-make their furniture with their choice of wood, design and fabric at a very reasonable and affordable price. Do contact early and be prepared to wait in queue as they are an extremely popular as Singapore sofa maker.

Whatapps Vince at 90305057 or email: info(at)centrepiece.com.sg



Big sofa to be custom made in Singapore…


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If your house is big, custom made sofa would probably be a better option than a retail store one as you will get the exact size that you need.

The size that is not too small or too big for your space.

If you want our exclusive and limited edition of made in Singapore sofa.

Then email us at info(at)centrepiece.com.sg or Whatapps 90305057

Top 4 Reasons Why You Need a Custom Sectional Sofa


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If you want to complete your home with a great looking sectional, you need one that is ideal for your space. The problem is that pretty much all of the ones that are mass-produced are not going to meet your specific for needs for every important detail.

While the style of many mass-produced sectionals may live up to your expectations, there are many reasons why these sectionals are not the right options for your home. Here are the top 4 reasons why you need a custom sectional sofa.

Reason #1: You Want to Get the Measurements Exactly Right

When you buy a sofa for your home, you shouldn’t have to worry about the sofa blocking doors or windows. You also want to make sure that you and your guests feel comfortable when seated on the sofa. The key to making sure that your sectional sofa fits your space perfectly is the right measurements. To get the length exactly right for your space you must take things like walls, doors, and the other furniture in the room into account. In some cases, this may also mean that a standard, mass-produced sectional won’t be the right option for your home. If standard options don’t work, this is a clear sign that you need a custom sectional sofa.

custom sectional sofa

Reason #2: You Want to Be Comfortable

The choice of filling material for your sectional sofa is not the only thing that will determine your comfort level while seated. In fact, the seat depth and seat height play a much greater role in ensuring that you are comfortable. As an average height person, the standard mass-produced sections may feature the ideal seat height and seat depth for your needs. However, if you are taller or shorter than the average person, these mass-produced sectionals will not work for you.

As a tall person you may feel like you crouching instead of sitting on a mass-produced sectional. As a shorter person, you may find that your legs dangle off of the sofa like a child. Neither of these scenarios are ideal for a piece of furniture that you are spending your hard-earned money on! If you want to be comfortable, opting for a custom sectional sofa that has been specifically designed for your height is a much better option.

Reason #3: You Want to Choose Your Upholstery

In addition to selecting the filling for your sectional, having the option to select your upholstery is also nice. Whether you need heavy duty pet and kid friendly furniture, or you prefer something more delicate, being able to choose your fabric gives you much more freedom. The color and style of your sectional fabric is a very personal decision. If you want to keep your sectional for years to come, you should avoid patterns that you get bored of quickly.

custom sectional

Shopping for a custom sectional can allow you to choose fabrics that are not necessary the latest trends so that you can select more timeless options that are likely to look great for years to come. On the other hand, if you are looking for bold, statement fabric, the standard options that are available from most furniture retailers will likely bore you. Always order what you love for your space.

Reason #4: You Want Flexibility

Being able to modify the configuration and layout of your sectional for the best functionality is the main reason to opt for a sectional over a standard 2-seat or 3-seat sofa. While most standard sectionals come with only a few options for modules, you may want to change the design of a custom sectional so that it is right arm facing instead of left arm facing. Additionally, open back sectionals and ottomans may not be available as options for most mass produced sections. Overall, being able to customize a sectional (the most important piece in the living room) will help to ensure that you are really happy with your purchase. Settling for a mass-produced sectional sofa with limited options will really feel like settling once you’ve looked at it for a while and you discover even more details that you don’t like about it!

modular sectional

Getting a Custom Sectional Sofa is a Better Way to Shop

At Centrepiece Furnishing, all you need to do is simply show us a design or furniture item that you like. You can specify the dimensions, fabric and materials for your custom sectional sofa and we’ll design it exactly to your specifications. Our manufacturer can also help you to adjust your design so that it is perfect for your home by helping you select colors and materials for your sectional sofa. It’s nice to have something that you know is made just for you. With a one-of-a-kind sectional sofa that is unique to your needs, you can create the home of your dreams!

Call us 90305057 or email: info(at)centrepiece.com.sg


7 steps guide to your Made To Measure Sofa in Singapore


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Step 1: Choose your Style

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Step 2 : Choose your size (bring your room measurements and we will customise to fit)

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Step 3: Choose from over hundreds of fabric options

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Step 4: Choose your feet

Step 5: Choose your Trim

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Step 6: Choose your Comfort (soft, firm or hard cushion fillings)

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Step 7: Don’t Forget your footstool

And relax in the knowledge that all of our Handmade sofas come with high quality materials that you are free to request for in workshop viewing. Only the best in the industry will allow you to do that.

Contact us at info(at)centrepiece.com.sg or whatapps : 90305057


How else to get big and long sofa?


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There are houses that are huge in Singapore. No retail store will usually have sofa this big. So if you are one of those lucky few that have a big space, you will need to custom made a sofa. If u r already living in a big house, then you will probably be able to own a piece of rare Made in Singapore sofa. Whatapps: 90305057

Lead time for custom made sofa of these sizes may take a month or two upon deposit. 😚

Email info(at)centrepiece.com.sg

Where to buy a sofa in Singapore


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Centrepiece furnishing

Centrepiece sofa
Have your sofa customised by Centrepiece

If you need to customise a sofa to suit your home, Centrepiece produces long-lasting pieces handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. Take your pick of various fabrics, from textured to patterned, and choose your preferred materials, style and shape for the right fit. You can also opt to use the store’s sofa restoration services.

Great picks:

  • The company offers extra fabrics at lower prices; if there isn’t enough fabric to make a sofa, it can be used to customise smaller items instead.
  • Pair your new sofa with premium cushions and art that come direct from the workshop and artists.

Handy tips:

  • When customising your sofa, request to choose and see what goes inside to ensure durability and quality.
  • The density and structure should match how your family uses it. So, have it customised to fit your needs.

#06-62 Northstar @ AMK, 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5
9030 5057 | centrepiece.com.sg

Are You Considering a Custom Headboard? Know Your Options


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The headboard is often the centerpiece of a bed design. Bedding can be changed fairly often, but a headboard should last for years. That’s why you need high quality and a design that perfectly fits your personality.

Our custom headboards feature the same sturdy quality you expect from all of our handmade pieces.

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When you start thinking about what style of headboard you want, first consider whether you’d like a finished wood headboard, or an upholstered headboard. Upholstery on a headboard can create a sleek, modern look for your bedroom, especially when you choose a solid, neutral fabric color. Upholstery can also create a look of decadence if you choose bold patterns.

Email: info(at)centrepiece.com.sg or text: 90305057

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Also, don’t forget the details. A headboard doesn’t have to be boring. At Centrepiece furnishing, we can add nailhead trim to your headboard, giving it a unique look that stands out from the typical headboard design. If you go with an upholstered headboard, we can also including tufting, which gives the upholstery visual depth. Whichever style you choose, our experienced team will build a headboard that suits the exact size of your bed frame.

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Get the headboard you saw:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google images
  • Your sketch
  • A detailed drawing

We’ll take your inspiration and create your own headboard! Contact Vince 90305057

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Are you ready to see the difference between a boring assembly line headboard and one that is custom made to suit your needs? Contact our friendly experts today and get started bringing your custom Singapore headboard design image or sketch into reality.

Email: info(at)centrepiece.com.sg or text: 90305057


How to choose your dining chairs.


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Dining Chair Height

Chairs and chair arms should be able to slide under your dining table with ease, but they also must have comfortable lap and leg room when guests are sitting in them. Most dining tables are about 30 inches high. Chair height is generally 18 inches (from the floor to the seat).

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Rules of Thumb

Allow 12 inches between the seat of your chair and your tabletop.

Leave 7 inches between the chair arm and the bottom or apron of the table.

Dining Chair Width

The average dining chair width is 16-20 inches. If dining chairs are placed right next to each other with no space between them, people will bump elbows when eating. Because of that, add 6 inches to each chair’s width to accommodate the spaces between them.

You’ll also want to make sure there is enough room behind your dining chairs for people to slide out easily.

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Rules of Thumb

Provide each guest 24-30 inches at the dining table.

For rectangular tables, add an extra 12 inches at each end for those seated at the head and foot of the table.

Allow for at least 36 inches between the dining table and any walls or other furniture.

Measure your chairs at their widest point. Depending on the style of the chair, this can mean either the seat or the chair back.

Typical Seating Guide
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Arms will usually add about 6 inches to the overall width of a single dining chair. If space is limited, you may opt for armless dining chairs or only use dining chairs with arms at the head and foot of the table to conserve space.

If you are in Singapore, contact us at info(at)centrepiece.com.sg or whatapps 90305057.

Guide to Choosing Throw Pillows


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Guide to choosing throw pillows

We’re always touting how easy it is to breathe new life in your room simply by switching out throw pillows. It’s true, a group of new fabrics and colors can give your space a totally different feel, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to cull through all of the thousands of great throw pillows in every shade imaginable to find 4 or 5 that will work well for your space. There’s an overwhelming selection out there, which makes the process confusing! Well, we want to make things easier for you. Consider this our guide to choosing the right throw pillows for your room.

Living room with blue and white color scheme

First, there are a few principals you should always keep in mind:

  1. Choose one cohesive color palette and do not veer from it. You’re going to get the most impact if all of your pillows are either in the same shade or in a pair of complimentary shades.
  2. Shoot for a symmetrical arrangement, whether it’s on your couch, bed, or a window seat. When you’re layering several different fabrics on top of each other, things can get really busy, really fast. We like a symmetrical arrangement because it keeps things feeling orderly and polished.
  3. One simple print, one busy print, and one solid. This is a basic formula that’ll help you narrow down your options. Another way to think about it is — one small print, one big print, one solid. Your busy/large print should be on your largest pillows or the pillow that is front and center, as this print will usually set the tone for not just your pillow arrangement but the rest of your room. Plaids and stripes work well as small/simple prints.
  4. As your move towards the inside of the sofa, the pillows should get smaller. Visually, your largest pillows should be in the far corners, and your smaller pillow should be on the inside. But also for comfort, it makes the most sense to add the large 22 or 24″ pillows on the sides, where you won’t need to move them out of the way. A small 12×20″ pillow right in the center won’t make you feel like you’re perched on the edge of the couch because the pillows are taking up all of the room!
  5. Although decorative, pillows are really meant to add comfort to your upholstered furniture pieces, so don’t go overboard! We’ve all sat down on that couch that is so packed to the gills with throw pillows that you feel like you’re being shoved into a bag of marshmallows. This is not the situation you want to create, so if you have to ask if you have too many, take on or two away!

Once you have these basic principles down, you’re ready to pick out fabrics! This is the fun part, but also the time when we become the most confused. There are just so many options! To narrow it down, consider the style you’d like to create in your home.

Orange and blue color palette in living room

Bold Solids

If your room already has a lot of patterns, like a patterned sofa, dramatic curtains, or a vibrant rug, take your pillow fabrics down a notch. Or if you really like color but don’t want to use a vibrant hue on large pieces (like your sofa or club chairs) just use solid pillows in very vibrant hues.

Here, we chose two colors that are on the opposite ends of the color wheel (called complimentary colors), a spicy orange and a cool blue. Colors look extra rich and vibrant when placed next to to complimentary colors, making the overall look much more dramatic. Individually, they look nice, but together they really sing!

If you’re starting from scratch, find a fabric, an art print, or an accessory as a jumping off point. For example, we picked the gorgeous plaid throw on the back of the sofa and let it inspire the rest of the space. The spicy orange and navy are both found in the blanket, so we picked pillows in solid shades for maximum color impact!

Spicy orange throw pillows on a sofa

One Color, Three Patterns

If you want a group of pillows in just one color, choose three different fabrics that work together. We used a very organic, bold print as our jumping off point (the floral pattern in the center), and we balanced the color on the sofa with bold velvet pillows in the corner and plaid pillows in the middle.

The basic key here is balance. The bold pillows in the middle and in the corners help to balance the off-white sofa and lighter plaid pillows. The feminine floral print (our Rayna fabric) in the center is balanced by a more masculine plaid print on either side. And the patterned pieces are a balance to the solid pieces.

So when you’re putting together different fabrics in the same color, just ask yourself, “does this pattern balance this pattern?”

Neutral color palette in living room on pillows

Warm, Neutral Colors

Even if you want to keep your color palette neutral, you’ll still need a few throw pillows to bring texture and pattern to your space. For this combination, we chose a color palette of off-white, taupe, and chocolate.

We started with our busiest print, our Leo Brown fabric, then we brought in a much larger print in a complimentary color, our Buffalo Check in Taupe. Finally to tie these two prints together and act as a backdrop, we chose a solid chocolate brown linen pillow with a contrasting flange.

Pink and Orange pillow color palette

Simple but Fresh with Analogous Colors

If you like color but want a group of pillows that aren’t too loud, choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, or analogous colors. These are colors that have a lot in common but are different, which makes for a color palette that is quieter and more polished.

For the sofa above, we chose pink and orange. These two colors are neighbors on the color wheel, but they’re still a great pairing. We also picked two art pieces to hang over the couch that reinforce the pink-and-orange combination.


Blue throw pillows on an off-white couch

Use Solids as an Exclamation Point

We love the way a well placed solid pillow in a vibrant color can act like an exclamation point on your couch. A rich, sapphire blue stands out the most, even though there are patterns and other colors here too. A solid pillow may seem like a boring choice when there are so many lovely patterns out there, but in the right space, one solid pillow in a bold color can really establish a color palette that may have been hiding.

If you want to breathe new life into your space with very little effort, use a couple of solid pillows in a bold color in your space. Pull this color from other patterns on your upholstered pieces or in your accessories, then use that color in punches throughout your space.

Throw pillows in Emerald green and stripe

Streamlined Stripes

If you’re looking for an approach that isn’t fussy, we love to simply pair one bold color in a lush fabric (here we used velvet) with a classic stripe. Stripes are a great pattern to use for pillows because they’re the perfect balance of bold and simple. Our strategy here was easy enough, choose one bold color used elsewhere in your space for three pillows, then bring in two striped pillows for a little pattern.



Living room with leopard print pillows

Let’s Talk Inserts

Ok, after all of this talk of colors and patterns, it’s time to get down to the less exciting details … like inserts. Just like the filling inside your sofa, what’s on the inside is just as important as the outside, even with throw pillows. Pillows are meant to bring extra comfort and cushion to your couch, so it’s important to use good quality throw pillows. All foam throw pillows aren’t going to be your first choice for support when you’re trying to curl up for a nap on your couch.

You don’t necessarily need the most expensive inserts, but do choose inserts that include both feather and down. We’re obviously partial to our own down blended inserts which are 95% feathers and 5% down.

Here’s another little secret when you’re choosing inserts for your pillows. If you want a fuller pillow, size up your insert. For example, if you have a 20″ cover, and you want a really full pillow, use a 22″ insert.

Now, are you ready to choose pillows for your space? Do you feel empowered to mix patterns and colors like a pro? You should!

Contact Vince at 90305057 or email: info(at)centrepiece.com.sg



6 tips for that prefect sofa in Singapore


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Like everything else in this era of endless choice, there seem to be infinite options when it comes to choosing a sofa. You might think you know exactly what you want, but once you walk into a shop or browse images online, the styles, shapes, and customisation alternatives can become overwhelming. Save yourself the time, money, and potential buyer’s remorse and use these tips to get a clear idea of what you want (and what you need!) before you start the hunt.