Is our ottoman for you?

The ottoman storage box is great for really cluttered living rooms! Or you can use the storage box to keep your rooms tidy and as extra seating when you have guests over.


But of course, if you are our customers, functionality will not be just your sole consideration.


Style, design and the texture of the ottoman will be equally important.


Certainly, the quality counts!


We also charge more than the other company as we know we will give the best value for your dollar. As you know we do not mark up our prices, that is why we hardly give discounts.  No frill, no fancy showroom and direct services at our workshop.

Showroom sofa to clear in Singapore.

Product Details

Make a statement with this sofa, measuring 2 mtr X 97cm in depth. It is the only piece and being a showroom piece, it has to be tip-top condition.

Only 9 months in our showroom but we need to clear it for new arriving designs.I am sure it will be right at home with your style and you need to be fast to get it!

UP at SGD $1800… Offer price at $990!

Contact 90305057 immediately before it is gone. or email: info(AT)

How a Few Throw Pillows Can Change the Look of Any Room

There’s no easier and less expensive way to refresh your living room or bedroom than updating your throw pillows. It’s a great way to embrace the latest home decor trends without fully committing to Ikat print or an orange chevron design.


 Singapore homeowners can add a touch of Peranakan charm without going overboard by using some great throw pillows. There’s no easier and less expensive way to refresh your living room or bedroom than by updating your throw pillows. It’s a great way to embrace the latest home decor trends without fully committing to an ikat print or an orange chevron design. Decorative pillows are relatively inexpensive, especially if you revamp your old ones.


One pillow placed in a chair or on a sofa can change the look of a whole room. Pillows can create that pop of colour you need in a room or serve as a transition accessory to pull together different colours or styles.

Reflect Your Personality

If you have a wild side and like cow skull prints, find throw pillows decorated with these designs. They’ll work well in a teen’s bedroom; depending on your design theme, you could also use them in your living room. Show your love of Singapore with decorative pillows for living room. Embrace Hawaiian chic style with banana leaves pillows or styles with accents of pineapples. Throw pillows are a great way to show your personality or interests in your home decor, no matter what your style is.


Placement matters when it comes to decorative pillows. Pillows propped up across the back of a day bed create seating. If you move them to one side, you’ve converted your day bed into a sleeping area. You can create more comfortable seating on benches or in a breakfast nook with some larger pillows against the wall. Large floor pillows are perfect for extra seating in a kid’s room. Children and their friends can use them while watching you tubes or playing video games.


Pillows Rule in Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the place to go crazy with pillows. This is more popular for expatriates in Singapore. But the locals are catching on to this styling of the bedroom as the spending power increases. Some new throw pillows placed against your pillow shams will create a whole new look. Provide options in the master bedroom or guest room with a variety of pillow shapes and sizes to provide extra comfort.

The latest trend in decorating your bedroom with throw pillows is not to be too obsessed with matching the bedding. Choose a coordinating pattern or contrasting or neutral colour to create a new look in your bedroom. If you are not able to decide, speak to Vince who is always ready to give you some ideas on what is best for your décor.


If you don’t want to sleep with your throw pillows, place a plastic bin under your bed to stow them. If you can create a little extra room in your cupboard, have a hamper that can be used just for pillow storage.

Versatile Style


Where you place pillows on your sofa depends on your style. Go traditional by placing a throw pillow or two at either end. For a modern decor, prop up a pillow in the middle of each cushion. On long sofas, arrange your decorative pillows in angled layers across the back on one side. Throw pillows give you the flexibility to easily change the look of your home.


Want to know how a customised cushion can change the look of your home? Text Vince 90305057 for an appointment at our factory space now.

I Love This Deep Blue Feeling.


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Occasionally, we have this strong feeling that we are in love.


And you know it that it is love.


Cause this is a strong feeling.


A deep feeling that only you will understand.


That you are in love.


Contact us: info(at) or text: 90305057


5 mood boosters


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Feeling down in the dumps? Sometimes we don’t have the time to spend a day at the spa or invite friends and family over to de-stress and cheer us up, so we’ve compiled a list of quick tricks to give you a no-prescription-required burst of bliss in a jiffy. Here are 10 instant ways to boost your mood:

Instant mood booster 1: Soak in a warm bath or have a mug of warm tea.

Who doesn’t love a good soak in the bath? A study by Yale University revealed that relaxing amongst the bubbles does more than simply relax and refresh our bodies. In fact, a warm bath or shower can act as an effective substitute for social interaction when we’re feeling lonely. The researchers from Yale University questioned 51 students about their everyday routines and their emotions, which revealed that those who regularly soaked in a warm bath and had hot drinks felt happier than those who had quick showers and very few hot drinks. If you need a quick pick-me-up, have a soak in the bath. If you need an even quicker pick-me-up, simply make yourself a warm drink for an instantly better mood.

Instant mood booster 2: Boost your brain’s happy chemicals with snacks

Sometimes when we’re feeling down, a good serving of mood-boosting nutrients is all we need. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh carried out a study in which they took blood tests from 106 healthy adults and measured their happiness. The study revealed that those with higher levels of omega 3 in their blood were 49 to 58 per cent happier than those with lower omega 3 levels.  Chocolate is an excellent mood booster too. The high levels of serotonin, alongside many other ‘happy chemicals’, promote feelings of contentment. “A square of chocolate a day keeps the sadness away” – that’s our new motto.

Instant mood booster 3: Calming scents

A great way to instantly boost your mood when you have little time is to keep an essential oil close-by. When you’re feeling down essential oils can make you feel more positive, calmer and less anxious. Researchers in Austria tested volunteers’ moods before and after they inhaled calming scents such as lavender and oranges and noticed a significant rise in their moods after inhaling the oils. The participants reported that they felt less anxious and more upbeat compared to before. If you’re having a deadline-packed day at work, or you’re feeling a little jittery about something else, simply putting a few drops of essential oil on a tissue or use a reed diffuser to disperse your favourite scent through the room and make you feel a whole lot better instantly.

Instant mood booster 4: Smile, even if it’s the last thing you feel like

It may be the last thing you feel like doing when you’re down, and smiling when you feel like screaming can feel unnatural, but just try it. Experts suggest that how we act physically can affect how we feel emotionally. Psychologists at the University of Cardiff recently discovered that those who have an inability to frown because of botox injections feel much happier than those whose muscles allow them to frown. It appears that our emotions aren’t restricted to our brain, as acting happy will make our brain feel happy too. As well as this, smiling means that people will subsequently want to talk to you more, leading to you making more friends and being a generally happier person. Go on, crack a smile and see how it makes you feel. Alternatively, go the whole hog and go in for some laughter therapy.

Instant mood booster 5: Watch a funny clip

The internet is packed with funny video footage of everything from dancing cats to bad audition tapes and even dogs on skateboards. When you’re feeling stressed and down, taking five minutes out to watch a funny video will help you to relax, take your day less seriously, and release some natural feel-good chemicals at the same time. Indeed, laughter releases endorphins that relieve anxiety and make you feel upbeat. Experts suggest that laughter also leaves your muscles relaxed for up to 40 minutes afterwards too, so it really is a great way to perk up your day. A good dose of the giggles is infectious and makes you even happier when you’re with others, so get some friends or colleagues together and watch a funny clip.

Of course, all this can be done on our sofa. In case you need a more comfortable sofa or is thinking of upholstery to renew the mood in your home. You can contact us at centrepiece furnishing. Text Vince for an appt @ 90305057. info(AT)



How often to change the sofa?


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With wide experience in selling sofas, we have decided to share advice “how often to change the sofa” with our customers. It all depends on the quality of the sofa and how many people sit on it.
This may be my simplify version of this topic. Generally, there are 2 types of sofas: the first type is expensive, they are often of high quality, and the second type is inexpensive, but featuring a low quality.

Usually an expensive sofa is in use from 5 to 8 years under normal use and treatment for it. (But of course if 2,000 people sat on the couch for a year, even if it is expensive, sofa quickly loses its previous form). On average, for a family of 5 people this sofa will serve about 5 years. Then sofa’s quality will be deteriorating, although it is still possible to sit and lie on it  for about eight years (if you are Lucky). But experience shows that people do not like disharmony at their home especially if you can buy something beautiful and new. Thus they go back to the store for a new sofa : )

Inexpensive sofas serve from 1 to 4 years, not more, as this type of sofas is not designed for long use. Usually, the inexpensive quality sofas are designed for occasional use, such as in a home office room or in the country house. Of course, lonely people buying a sofa do not use it in a way that it can be frayed during a year.

If you like good quality sofa and is clear about the designs you want. You may consider dealing directly with the sofa manufacturer. Without the middle man and expensive retail stores, you should be able to get better quality for the same dollar.
Contact: Centrepiece furnishing or text 90305057 for an appointment.

Leather sofa is a serious topic.


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But we seriously suggest that you will consider using fabrics instead for your sofa as it is not only less cruel but also more stylish. Go see :


Well… fur is an animal by product but using sheep skin/head is abit too much for me.


Well… leather is very popular to many asian families but fabric has been seen as more stylish and upmarket these days. Go take a look at stylish furniture stores.


well… cocodile skin/leather is super dated.


well… pig skin looks pretty miserable here:(


well well well… this is so wrong unless it is fake:P What do you guys think of using real animal skin for your sofa?

Contact 90305057 Vince to make a real sofa made with kindness and good style. Centrepiece Furnishing.



Custom made items are always more costly. 


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That’s why in order to get the quality and value that you want.  You need to bypass the middle man and deal directly with the manufacturer.  

We may not be as polish as the sleek well dressed sales personnel but we are definitely very knowledgeable and will know minute details of what is a good sofa and upholstery. 

In addition,  you get to view the whole process of making your sofa so you can be assured of the quality of your products. 

Email:  info(at)centrepiece. Com. Sg or visit:  www.