10 Design Strategies for Art Lovers


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Artists get into a real tizzy about the subject of people looking for art-to-match-the-sofa. Coming from a background as an artist, I always encourage my interior design clients to select art first if they don’t have any so they feel free to buy what they love and not worry about what it goes with. And then we can plan the decor around the art.
I’m sure I’ll get an irate artist or two commenting here. I’ve spoken with some artists who feel the art completely stands on its own and should have nothing to do with the decor. Here’s the simple fact. No matter how irritated artists get by the subject of art-matching-the-sofa, your art will always look better and have greater impact in the space when the decor supports the art. Here are techniques you can use in your decor to support your art and make it even better.

Want to add a dash of golden luck into your life?  We did this upholstery: p


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Changing on how you feel about your existing life is pretty easy.  Change your furniture to this bright gold upholstery and immediately you will feel totally different!  

Contact Vince 90305057 or visit www. Centrepiece.com.sg 

High maintenance maybe require for that ultra sleek look of off-white upholstery.  


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Met a lovely customer today and we r going to Reupholstery her items all to off white😱😱😱

Email and text us if you are able to maintain such a lifestyle.  Vince 90305057 or email:  info@centrepiece.com.sg 

Three more headboards.  


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Such nice display of the Furniture that we did about 3yrs ago.. now client had moved to a new house.. Vince visited today and will do 3 rooms headboards with different designs. Stay with us for the new update. 

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Sophisticated Living Comes With Good Choices You Make


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Custom-Made – adapted to your personal taste

Seldom does an “off-the-peg” sofa fit in with the real accommodation and seldom is it the answer to our dreams so that decisions become more than often simply a compromise. But all that is now a thing of the past. When we say “custom-made” we mean that – you design the sofa you want, and we make you a one-off piece of furniture!


Choose from a wide collection of sofa and designs in combination with hundreds of fabrics.

Give us the basis you want and we will try to accomodate to what may become your favourite sofa. Then tell us the size, e.g. of the classical 3-2-1 combination, any extras or chaise-longue, choose between foam or down padding and select the width, height, and hardness of the seat (s), the removable cushion covers and foot elements.


However, only the discerning will know the difference between mass-produced products and the quality sofa that we produce.

You will only understand the value of our products after you have done your research. 🙂

http://www.centrepiece.com.sg or email: info(at)centrepiece.com.sg


Custom made sofas in Singapore


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Centrepiece furnishing ensures that only the most competent sofa makers are allowed to work on your sofa. Sofa makers are required to prove that they have earned the right to be called master craftsmen – through the quality of their work, their commitment to customer care and the level of service they provide.

Once accepted into Centrepiece furnishing they are required to maintain the aims and objectives of the company. Whilst we are a close knitted company, we are committed to pursue the interests of the consumer through careful employee selection so that you will rest assured that the sofa you order from us will remain in good quality for years to come.


So you will get the better quality sofa at direct workshop pricing! You will get good value for the same dollar in comparison to a retail store.

Speak to us on what to look out for in a good sofa, with honesty and directness. Text Vince Chiang 90305057 or email info(AT)centrepiece.com.sg for an appointment.

Paris climate agreement – Leaves…


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…me feeling confused. I think it makes alot of sense for the world to come together to preserve and protect our planet for ourselves and our future generation. I think we want to do our part in creating a better place for everybody. Upholstery is one way to use less and yet not compromise our need for change and beauty in urban living.

I hope more people will support what is kind and loving towards our planet and everybody in it.

So let us go green!



Let us get seriously green in our home and in our heart. If you are in Singapore, getting these “Greenery” into your house is within reach.

Call 90305057 or email: info(at)centrepiece.com.sg


I need you to bloom for me, please.


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It is always sunny in Singapore. We do not have the seasonal changes of Winter to Spring, so styles in clothes or fashion does not differ too much in-between seasons.

However, we do not have to be boring with the home decor during this “spring” time.

So… I am hoping that one of you will be buying into these “BLOOMS!”


Contact us at info(at)centrepiece.com.sg or text: 90305057.


Today is a reminder for caring!


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You know you are important and lovable right?


Somehow we are caught up in the world about caring for others that you forget to care for yourself too.

kindness pillow 1

Today as the world celebrates compassion and kindness.  We also wanted to do our part and give you something:) So take what you need from us…


Thank you. We are grateful of you over these years.