Comfy sofa to consider?


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Whether you like to lounge for hours, or prefer a more formal sitting arrangement, choosing the right sofa plays a major part in the enjoyment of your home.

Comfort is an individual matter, so test out plenty of sofas before considering looks and finish. At our workshop, the showroom space is small but we have sample seatings of various hardness and density for you to test out. Our store almost guarantees that you will be happy with the custom made sofa before it is delivered to you. Therefore it is a good indicator that your sofa will be a good buy in the long term.

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As we get more conscious with our spending, many sofa retailers are offering products with organic coverings, sustainable wood frames or the potential to recycle fully at the end of use.

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The quality of your sofa is very important if you want to reupholstered your sofa in future. A poor quality mass produced sofa will probably be declined by your upholster because it is just not worth it. Save yourself the embarressment and make sure you deal with the best right from the start.

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Creative Headboards That Make a Major Statement are possible even in Singapore


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headboard ideas


In this Florida guest bedroom, designer Tammy Connor covered twin headboards in Matteo’s nubby Knot throws to amp up texture. This is a fast and easy fix for adding color and interest.


Worried a “busy” bedroom will detract you from a good night’s sleep? Just balance a playful headboard with simple, solid bedding for inspiring results. “The master bedroom has a very retro feel to it,” designer Mona Ross Berman says this New Jersey beach house.

brisbone missoni headboard

This is an interesting design trick for a kids’ or guest bedroom: Unite twin beds with a long headboard, like seen in this Manhattan room, designed by Amanda Nisbet.

mercury glass lamps

Slipcovered Headboard

If you’re not happy with your old headboard, try a slipcover like designer Nick Olsen did in his Brooklyn studio. It’s an inexpensive way to change up your room’s style.

If you have just moved to Singapore or is moving around Singapore and needed a headboard update? Contact Centrepiece for one of the most experienced custom made sofa/headboard makers in Singapore for luxury home.

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Tips On Buying Sofas For Either Work Or Play


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Image result for sofa for office

Sofas are not just for the home nowadays. Many places of business, from offices to mechanic shops, have sofas for their customers to sit on during their walk-ins. What do you need to look for when buying a sofa for your business?

Image result for sofa for office sectional

This has to be the most important factor to figure in when purchasing a new sofa for your business. Hopefully, you will have lots of customers so you need to make sure that the sofa you choose is durable enough to handle a heavy traffic area. Chances are that the sofas which are made well with quality material will be more highly priced than other sofas. But the extra money will be worth it in the long run when the sofa lasts you many years instead of just a few months.

You will also want to make it so that that the sofa has a material that is very easy to clean. Even if there is no drinking or eating in the area, the sofa will still tend to get not so clean from so many people sitting on it or from children climbing on it or putting their feet up. You might even think about buying a sofa with fancy fabrics, since the fabrics have patterns so spills are harder to spot and is easier to keep clean.

Image result for fabricsstriped  patterns sofa for office sectional


One of the largest problems in buying a sofa for an office is the fact that while you will need a lot of space for seating, you don’t have that much space in a small office for a large sofa. If that is the case, then you might want to consider purchasing a sectional sofa. Sectional sofas can be placed into the corner of any room without taking up a lot of space. Sectional sofas can also be made into two or more loveseats or chairs.

Image result for fabricsstriped  patterns sofa for office sectional
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Upholstery – Sofa Restoration Tips from Centrepiece Furnishings


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What material?

Choose a cotton-and-polyester mix for durability, particularly on sofas that are subject to more wear and tear. Some people, especially in hot and humid Singapore, prefer 100-percent cotton because it breathes. When re-upholstering a décor piece, such as a hallway chair that isn’t used often, you could choose a more delicate material, such as silk.

Image result for custom made lounges

Which colour?

Choosing a colour really depends on your individual taste. We have a range of European fabrics from classic to contemporary.

Any money-saving tips?

Go bargain-hunting. One of our clients found an amazing armchair that is at least thirty years old, and she only paid $200 for it. It has seen better days, but it will look great once we’ve restored it.

Image result for grey sofa

Maintenance matters

When it comes to cleaning your sofa, you can choose either machine-washable fabric or a fixed material that we will Scotch Guard to prevent staining. If you have kids or animals, go for machine-washable!

Contact us and tell us about your upholstery needs

We are a 2nd generation of sofa and upholstery makers with more than 40 years of sofa making experience in Singapore. Our Premium upholstery services that you want, will assured you with the best value for th dollar you pay. We want you to be happy with our products and services as we want to earn your referral to your friends.

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Grey sofa is the classic trendy piece that cant go wrong for now.


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It’s the most neutral neutral.

Because gray is a mixture of black and white, with little or no specific color undertone, it is the most neutral hue possible, meaning it can anchor absolutely any color scheme.

Image result for grey sofa

Notice how this room reads a strong presence of neutral, even though only a few accessories actual show any color.

Image result for grey sofa

Gray makes colors pop (like vivid black) while feeling fresh and clean (like stark white), so you can play with pillow accents endlessly and never clash.

Image result for grey sofa

Trends will come and go, but gray will always slip right into a new palette perfectly.

Choose to custom made a grey sofa with one of the best sofa makers in Singapore. Export it back home and you will have a piece of lasting sofa that you can feel proud for the longest time. or email: info(at)

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Custom Made Lounges


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Your lounge will probably be one of your most used pieces of furniture so the level of comfort is of the utmost importance.

Image result for custom made lounges

At centrepiece furnishing, we showcase and specialise in custom made lounges that are Singapore made to the highest level of quality and comfort.

Image result for custom made lounges

Our Singapore made sofas can be customised to suit your space by offering a range of size options and a variety of fabric or leather options so there is no doubt you will find a custom lounge that will suit and enhance any interior space.

Image result for custom made lounges

Call into our showroom to try out our custom lounges and our expert staff will be more than happy to assist you with your choice. Features include: –  structural warranty – choice of fabrics – various size options on Singapore made lounges.

Image result for custom made lounges or email: info(at)


Custom made headboards that change how you feel when you sleep


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Image result for headboards pink

Do you feel that night time has become a little mundane?

Image result for headboards pink

And maybe your bed time gets a little cold?

Image result for headboards pink

Not sure, how come the feeling of warmth seems to be lesser now?

Image result for headboards pink

Then it is time for you to refresh how your headboard look. Because, the staleness of the headboard may have been accumulation of past feelings that can be change out as quickly as you dump your headboard for a new refresh one!

Image result for headboards pink

You will feel better almost immediately as you take action to improve your life. And one of the best way to start is where you spend so much time in, in bed… with your headboard.

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Time to feel loved with your Pink ottoman


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Image result for pink ottoman

This is a afforable way to change and add a little elegance and charm into your space.

Image result for pink ottoman

Use velvet pink luxurious fabrics that set you apart of the rest.

Related image

Add it anywhere and watch how it will uplift that space.

Image result for pink ottoman


Create ideas and storage but dont compromise on the look.

Image result for pink ottoman

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Outdoor cushions made with style


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Outdoor cushions are a wonderful way to add style and colour to your patio and backyard, but are outdoor cushions waterproof?

Image result for outdoor cushions teakwood

First and foremost, the water resistance level of your cushions depends on the fabric they are made of. Small and primarily decorative outdoor cushions are most commonly made of polypropeline or polyethane. Although these fabrics are not waterproof, they are water resistant. This means that the cushions are able to resist the penetration of water to a certain degree, but not completely.

Image result for what it means to have outdoor cushions

Many outdoor cushions contain a foam that is specifically produced for water to pass through, ensuring the cushion doesn’t become waterlogged. This makes them significantly more resistant to water than memory foam and other foams that are commonly used for indoor furnishings.

Sunbrella fabrics are commonly used for outdoor seat cushions and outdoor bench covers, due to their high level of tolerance to UV rays. Sunbrella canvas upholstery consists of a metallic sheen alloy that allows water and UV light to pass through the fibres. Although this certainly does not make the cushions waterproof, it means that they are more likely to keep their quality in a harsh environment.

Image result for what it means to have outdoor cushions

Outdoor cushions made out of less porous fabrics such as oilcloth are indeed waterproof. Oilcloth consists of a finely weft linen with a coating of boiled linseed oil. Although cushions made from oilcloth are waterproof, their tough and stiff nature makes them more subject to rips than cushions made of a softer fabric. This also makes them far less comfy.

Image result for what it means to have outdoor cushions

To ensure your cushions stay at the highest possible quality, it is recommended to pre-treat them with waterproofing spray prior to use to increase the level of water resistance. We also recommend storing your cushions undercover when not in use to avoid any spoilage caused by unexpected downpours.

Image result for what it means to have outdoor cushions

Although the majority of fabrics used to produce outdoor cushions are water resistant, rather than waterproof, they are still far sturdier than indoor cushions. Indoor cushions are made more for comfort than weather resistance and are commonly made of polyester or cotton blends. For this reason, never use indoor cushions outside!

If you need further advice on style and the type of cushions that can meet your outdoor space needs. Contact us at or email: info(at)


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Winged headboards can be both practical and stylish.


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Headboards will define the energy of look of your room and it will be the centrepiece of your decor for the room.


If so, if you buy some mass produced headboards, you will probably feel cheap as you sleep. This is certainly not what we want to feel for a good 8 hrs a day, isnt it? We want to feel we care about ourselves and we are worth it.


In addition, you will feel that the quality that you put into your bed will make you feel proud of your choice if your friends or family visit.


So invest in yourself and your life by getting a good quality headboard. If you value your style and home decor, you can even have it custom made in Singapore with us. It will cost you not only more time and money but you are rest assured to be getting one of the best in the world.


This is a beautifully hand crafted extra large headboard. The wingback feature creates a real statement in any room


This tall winged headboard design features large solid timber wings and has an upholstered deep buttoned chesterfield padded centre.


Due to its height and weight it is recommended that the headboard is fixed to the wall. Available in over 200 luxury fabrics for you to choose from .

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Sofa types and styles


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The most expensive piece of furniture for your home is typically the living room sofa.

In fact, it is generally the central focal point of most home design. Therefore, most homeowners spend a lot of time on choosing the right sofa for their homes.

However, selecting the appropriate sofa style and size is not easy.

The first step is for you to recognize that there are many sofa types and styles available and that their functions and features vary.


Sectional sofa is designed to be separated into several sections which can be repositioned to fit the room.

They are usually sold as modules.


They are also typically bigger and longer and thus ideal for large living rooms. However, you can consider reusing sections of the sofa for your study room if it proves too big for your living room.

Love Seat

Love sofa, as the name implies, is designed for 2 people. Such sofas are perfect for smaller living rooms and are usually placed in at a corner.


Great for couples to spend time together.


Banquette is an upholstered bench or settee custom made to fit for a particular space. It is usually common in restaurants.


In home designs, they are popular pieces for the dining areas.

Chaise Longue

Chaise Longue is French for “long chair”.


It is a small couch meant for lounging and comes with a chair back with one or two armrests at the sides.


Bergere is a French-style upholstered armchair with intricate curved wooden frames.


It is largely used for Victorian home decor.

Slipper Chair

Slipper Chair is a “slimmed down” chair with no armrests.


Because of its slender profile, it takes up lesser space and is popular with smaller living rooms.

Barrel Chair

Barrel Chair, as the name implies, is originally fashioned after the half of a wine barrel.


It is semi-circular in shape and its back may be upholstered.

Wing Chair

Lastly, Wing chair is distinguished by a high chair back and “wings” along the sides with armrests.


They are popular for room corners.

Armchair and Sofa Tips

You should consider the following when choose a sofa:

Consistent Design and Style

Too many differing designs and styles will clash to make the space look jumbled and chaotic.

Hence, place minimally two similar sofa pieces together and use accented pieces such as pillows and curtains in similar upholstered fabric to unify the look.

Create Zones

Set aside each area with a purpose in mind. For instance, if you intend to use Chaise Longue mainly for reading, you should consider getting a matching standing lamp besides it.

Use area rugs or large plants to further distinguish and define these spaces.

Scale and Balance

The size of the sofa should not overwhelm or underwhelm a room. The key is to strike a balance and evenly distribute the visual weight of the furniture pieces so that the pieces complement each other.

For instance, placing a sleek coffee table will look out of place with a chunky barrel chair.

Article contributed by renonation

If you noticed that the fabrics and the style being slightly outdated then you know it is time for rehoulstery. If you want to feel refresh and updated, then contact us at or email:







Top 5 Design Trends for the Millennial Generation


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 By Travis Nagle

Millennials are probably fed up by now with the number of think pieces on the internet that are essentially clickbait pieces designed to start online comment wars between the generations. While there’s always a great debate to be had, this time we actually wanted to highlight the trends that millennials are driving when it comes to interior design.

The best part is that people of all ages can use these ideas to improve their interior spaces and their lives. If you’re curious about what those trends are, you’ll be surprised to learn that they probably aren’t all that different from your own thoughts about modern design. So without further ado, here are the top 5 design trends for the millennial generation.

1. Personalization

Millennials want companies that pay attention to their specific needs. For them, one size does not fit all. Customized interiors are important to the members of this generation who are trying to carve out their own identities and spaces in the world. Part of this requirement means having customized furniture and home décor that features your personal tastes on even the smallest level.

Custom Modular Sectional

Millennials are also not afraid of combining decorating styles in order to achieve personalization of their spaces. In the millennial home, you’ll find everything from vintage to modern. Having a space that reflects your unique preferences and interests also becomes the perfect place to entertain, sleep or work.

2. Authentic Brands

You may have already noticed this trend as millennials demand more honesty and transparency from the companies that they purchase goods and services from. Millennials want to know about a company’s commitment to the environment and social issues, as well as, and the impacts of their purchases from that company on their health.

In fact, millennials have high expectations of businesses when it comes to social responsibility efforts. They want to make the world a better place for their own fulfillment, as well as, that of the broader society. They are also quick to dump brands that are only out for profits.

In the furniture world, this has translated to a push for more authentic brands that truly offer a better approach to design. Millennials want great designs and may even be willing to pay more for it in some instances.


However, even if they do buy more expensive furniture, this doesn’t mean that they will accept being overcharged for items that are more sizzle than steak just because the company donates a percentage of its revenues to saving homeless kitties. Millennials want to buy from brands who truly stand behind their products and deliver meaningful value.

3. Flexibility

When the cost of rent gets too high or new opportunities beckon in another location, millennials have no problem with packing up and moving some place else. In fact, with companies like Airbnb, they are also more inclined than previous generations to share their living spaces.

As a result, millennials want flexible designs that allow them to take their furniture anywhere or rearrange their homes periodically as they see fit. For them, changing things up shouldn’t mean buying all new interior items for their homes. Flexibility also means that the designs they choose can go with almost anything, which is one of the reasons why modern design is so highly prized among millennials.

4. Functionality

With smaller urban living spaces, functionality is an important design feature for millennials. Unlike previous generations where home and the office were two separate entities, millennials are more likely to work from home and they need a space that will allow for that.

As a result, millennials prefer multi-functional designs that mean that they don’t only have to buy furniture for one specific purpose at a time. An accent table should serve as a coffee table when guests are over. The bed or even the sofa arm could have storage for all of those little odds and ends.

sofa storage

Functionality is also important for organization. With multi-functional furniture items, millennials can stay organized while enjoying the minimalist designs that are so popular in modern homes.

5. Light and Small

The final trend that is again inspired by urban dwellers, is light and small designs. Millennials love designs that are very light and small that maximize their impact in smaller spaces. In fact, light and small items can feature unusual shapes or bold colors that instantly attract attention. Additionally, these items are preferred for the flexibility that they offer when it comes times to move or redecorate.

light sectional layout

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Buying a Contemporary Sofa.


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Buying a Contemporary Sofa

Buying a new contemporary sofa is a big decision, and a decision that we don’t make too often. We live with our sofas for 11 years (according to a UK survey in 2017) and put them through some interesting challenges.

Our sofas are lounged upon, sat and stood on. They hide toys and money in curious places and are often substitute beds for weekend guests. It’s no wonder it’s such an important purchase decision, so our helpful guide will navigate you through this important moment.


  1. Function
  2. Size
  3. Measuring
  4. Delivery
  5. Shape & Style
  6. Support & Comfort
  7. Upholstery
  8. Care


What will you use your sofa for? Formal entertaining? Relaxing with family? Or perhaps this sofa will live in your entrance hall? Whatever its use, we have a guide to help you buy the perfect contemporary sofa.

If you want to lounge on your sofa watching TV or scrolling through your favourite blog on your iPad, choose a contemporary sofa with enough width that you can stretch out fully on. Usually this requires a 3-seat sofa to give you enough space to stretch. If you don’t have enough room for a 3-seat sofa, buy a 2-seat sofa with a matching footstool to perch your feet. Look for a contemporary sofa with deep, soft cushions that you can sink in to after a long day at work to really relax on and switch off.

If you tend to prefer formal entertainment on your sofa, a solid structure will help to keep you and your guests upright and not slouching. A wooden frame with harder cushions will be ideal for this scenario, keeping your sofa in perfect order for when your guests arrive.

If you need a sofa for guests to use as they arrive, a small or compact sofa is best for this. Choose a sofa lifted off the ground by wooden legs, as this will create a feeling of space in a small area. Shallow cushions offer support for guests whilst they wait to be greeted.

Image result for contemporary sofa


Probably the most important consideration is the size of your new sofa. There is only one tip for this, and that is to measure, measure, and measure! It’s not easy to visualise how much space the contemporary sofa will take up in the room, so use newspaper on the floor to map out the space it creates. Even go as far as lightly taping newspaper to the wall to show the height of the back. If you’re getting a little more creative, cardboard boxes filling the area can help you imagine better.

Make sure you have enough room to walk between the sofa and coffee table…a good rule of thumb is 45cm (18”) between the two. If you can, allow 10cm (4”) between the back of the sofa and the wall. This will create an illusion of space and make it easier to find those toys you’ve lost behind your sofa.

If your sofa looks too big in the room, it probably is. There are no rules for how small or big your sofa needs to be, but if you can’t walk around the room comfortably then something needs to go. Whilst it might be your dream to have that large sectional sofa dominating the room, it will make your room feel smaller and you’ll be forever bumping in to it as you walk by.

Image result for contemporary sofa


Now that you know what size sofa fits in your room, we need to make sure it can get to the room in the first place.

You will need to check:
1. Height and width of doorways
2. Accessibility through hallways and staircases
3. Packaged dimensions, not just the sofa dimensions

It’s a common question we get asked…will it fit? We list the packaged dimensions for all of our sofas on the product page under ‘Dimensions’ with height, width, depth, seat-height, seat-depth, and arm-height. Make a note of these and check against your measurements.

If you’re unsure if the sofa will fit through your doors, get in contact and we can advise you on your specific model of sofa.


When it comes to delivery, knowing your sofa will fit is crucial. If it’s a tight space, you may need to move objects and furniture that will be in the way. Walk the route that your sofa will take and check for obstructions; even small objects could get in the way.

We offer a 2-man delivery service where possible to get your sofa directly to your room of choice, however in some cases we cannot provide this. If you are taking delivery of your sofa, it’s a good idea to have a few people to help so that you aren’t caught out with a sofa stuck on the stairs.

The key thing is to measure! If you know the contemporary sofa will fit through every door or your lifts, then delivery will be a dream.

Shape & Style

The shape and style of your sofa is important for multiple reasons, not just for the way it looks but how it will work for its use. Look for special details such as the seat buttons, external stitching, removable covers, and articulating headrests.

If your room is small, narrower sofa arms or no arms at all give the illusion of more space. High-backed sofas tend to look best in rooms with higher ceilings and sofas with lower backs can give the illusion of more space in confined rooms. Modular and sectional sofas work brilliantly in open-plan spaces and large airy rooms.

contemporary sofa high and low back

Support & Comfort

Comfort isn’t just about soft cushions. If you will be using your sofa a lot then it’s important to consider how well it supports you to make sure you’re comfortable for long periods of time. Most of our contemporary sofas have low-backs, as they are visually lighter in living rooms.

Do you prefer soft or hard seats? This is an important question to discuss with the other people in your home before your purchase. If you like to lounge in the sofa then soft cushions are ideal, but for more support, choose a hard seat to keep your posture upright.


Our fabric sofas offer you a wide range of colour options and tightly woven fabrics will wear the best. Wool is springy and resilient, with a natural stain resistance. However, linen is cool and one of the most durable fabrics for sofas. Leather is robust, cool in summer and warm in winter and if it’s well maintained it can last a lifetime. Leather will age with use adding character and stands up to wear and tear very well. However, in Singapore’s weather of high humility, leather may become smelly and mouldy over time. We have also noticed that increasely, people do not want cruelty of animal skin in their home too.

Image result for contemporary sofa


You can extend the life of your sofa by taking care of it regularly. Naturally there will be spills, and scuffs, and drops as you live with your sofa but that doesn’t have to mean it reduces the life expectancy of the sofa.

Some of our fabric sofas come with removable covers and some without. If your previous sofas have been subjected to a lot of food and drink spills then you might want to find a sofa with removable covers. This allows you to clean them periodically and restore the vibrancy. Use a professional cleaner when doing so to avoid shrinking the covers; make them aware of any marks or spillages that need their attention. If you don’t have removable covers, act quickly and blot the stain out of the fabric with a clean white cloth, but never rub as this may spread the stain further into the fabric. Never use detergents and always follow the cleaning instructions on the label of the sofa.

Avoid pets on fabric sofas as their claws can pull at threads, but if this does happen just snip the loose thread and tuck as much of it back in the weave. Never pull the thread, as this will make it worse.

If you want more help to decide what sofa to buy, maybe a custom made sofa is just what you need? or email:






What custom made sofa means?


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Definition of custom-made

: made to individual specifications

  • custom-made clothing

Custom Furniture in Singapore

“Made in Singapore” and proud of our tradition of excellence and quality, Centrepiece furnishing provides custom sofas and chairs that are known for their durability, style, and consistency. All construction consists of Singapore-made craftsman. From the frames and springs to the finished materials, every component of our furniture is carefully thought out to provide years of enjoyment.

Image result for contemporary sofa

Create a One-of-a-Kind Piece for Your Home

Custom upholstery brings new life to a variety of pieces, allowing you to choose the exact specifications for comfort, durability, and aesthetics. Our experts are here to help you tailor each piece to your individual needs.

Scale is an important consideration for any piece of furniture. When you choose a custom fabric, you can complement other furniture in the room and can even highlight the architectural details within your home itself. Our staff will help you choose just the right elements to create a custom sofa that you will love for years to come.

Image result for contemporary sofa

Singapore Proud

Using materials that reduces fuel and emissions costs during transportation, while locally sourcing materials also supports our country and allows for growth within the economy. We do import some furniture pieces, but we review each item to ensure that they meet the high standards that families in Singapore hold. We are also aware of the needs of our expats that may require their sofa to be transported back to their home country.

Visit our furniture store in Singapore, Northstar@amk to see an array of upholstery and custom furniture options in person. From contemporary furniture to traditional styling, Centrepiece furnishing has everything you need to make your house a home.

Image result for contemporary sofa

Contact or email:

Whatapps: 90305057 for an appointment to discuss if custom made sofa is for you.