Our bespoke service for headboard


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If you cannot find any of our bedhead designs or ottomans that you like, then we will make a customised one for you.

With our skilled team of craftsmen, we can make just about anything. Maybe you want a hotel style headboard or a special designer headboard? Bespoke headboards, bespoke ottomans and bespoke valances are all things we do. We have our own factory and we make everything ourselves so making a custom headboard is really easy for us.

Giant Headboards are becoming increasingly popular and we do lots of those. Depending upon the design (and the access to the room) we can make just about any size you want.  We have just made one 3.1m wide! Giant headboards must be wall mounted and in an ideal world we recommend they sit on the floor as well. If you want something absolutely huge then we suggest a variation of the Style that is possible in Singapore. Of course, this is one luxury that not everyone who wants it can get it. It will definitely cost much more.

Some customers want to amend or adjust the size of one of our existing models. That’s easy, you just let us know the size and we will tell you how much it will cost. It will be a little more but not much (depending on size) and you will then have a fully bespoke headboard.

So here is what to do:

Firstly have a good look around the site and see what sort of Upholstered Headboard shape you might like, then I suggest you look at our swatch collection and order any that you like. We will send them straight out to you free of charge. If you want to use your own fabric that’s fine, some customers have a very clear idea of what they want and we work with lots of very beautiful fabrics.

Call us on whatapps: 90305057 and talk to Vince. We are real, we are in the Singapore and we love talking to customers.

If you would rather we rang you, then email us at info(at)centrepiece.com.sg with a phone number and we will ring you back.

Alternatively, just send us an email and we will write back to you.

We much look forward to chatting to you.

Vince Chiang


A positive picture of art in the workplace


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Incorporating well-chosen art into an office design helps express the personality, values and culture of your company. But a range of studies into the role and value of art in the workplace have found a surprising array of additional business benefits.

A 2014 study by Harvard University highlighted art’s ability to encourage social interactions and catalyse personal relationships, improve the working environment and even facilitate learning.

The study also revealed that the use of art in a workplace helps employees feel more connected with their organisations, particularly if it the art is changed on a regular basis. The study found that when artwork was changed regularly, employees felt they could better relate to their company’s strategic goals of their organisation and could increase their sense of having an impact on those goals.


Meabwhile, a study conducted by Exeter University highlighted the postive effects of art on productivity. When office space was enriched with art and plants, 15% of participants showed higher levels of productivity than in a more basic space. Interestingly, when employees were given the same art and plants but allowed to choose where they were place, producivity levels rose for 30% of participants.


These positive effects were also reflected in a study carried out by the British Council for Offices. The survey results showed that 87% of respondents said that art is more relevant in the workplace today than ever before.

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Why You Need a Jute Rug


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021-Hemp Braided Rug (Hand Stitched)

Add exotic texture to your living room or bedroom with a simple jute rug. Jute, also known as hessian, is a long vegetable-fiber spun into coarse strands that is commonly used to make burlap fabric. These natural fiber rugs are often hand-woven using hessian and other plant fibers, making beautiful organic home decor pieces. Read on for a few reasons to buy a jute rug and tips on purchasing the perfect rug for your home.

Jute Rugs Provide Texture

When you want to add unique flooring to your home, a natural jute rug is the perfect accent piece. Look for a hand-woven braided jute rug you can place in the entryway of your home or buy natural rugs for your living room to complement your couch and other furniture. A sisal jute rug, which combines two plant fibers, will add a smoother texture to your home and set off natural wood decor.

071-Hemp Braided Rug (Hand Stitched).077-Jute Braided Rug

Jute Rugs Are Durable

Jute area rugs are woven from thick fibers and are made to last. They are also naturally brown in color, which makes stains less noticeable. While you can vacuum your sisal jute rug as often as you like to remove dirt and dust, it does not require special everyday care. Even though the weave of these area rugs is tight, they do not hold up as well in a hallway or similarly busy area. When placed in a low-traffic area, such as a bedroom, these natural rugs can last for many years.

078-Jute Braided Rug


Jute Rugs Are Eco-Friendly

Jute rugs make great alternatives to potentially costly machine-made rugs. These natural fiber rugs provide a stylish, raw texture to your home, and should you ever decide to change your decor, they are recyclable as well as biodegradable. Jute is a fast-growing, replaceable fiber, so production of jute area rugs does not harm the environment.

046-Jute Braided Rug

Jute Rugs Work With All Kinds of Home Decor

Jute rugs are versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of looks. Whether you like contemporary design or a vintage vibe, a natural jute rug will add the finishing touch to any room. Buy a rug made of bleached jute fabric for a clean, laid-back feel, or look for a sisal jute rug with a dark brown edge for a bolder look.

001-Hemp Braided Rug (Hand Stitched).

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“What is the difference between a $10,000 sofa and a $2,000 sofa or even a $1,000 sofa?”


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Occasionally, someone asks me:
“What is the difference between a $10,000 sofa and a $2,000 sofa or even a $1,000 sofa?”
Well, the latter is definitely massed-produced. However, the difference between the 10k and 2k usually has a lot to do with the name more than what’s inside it. This is true for a lot of things we buy. right?
I can’t tell you how many sofas and chairs I’ve sold in my career. All I know is that it’s hundreds. Most people buy maybe at most a dozen sofas in their entire lifetime, and some only one or two.
The sofa is the most expensive piece of upholstered furniture in the living room and it’s also the largest, of course. Therefore, careful consideration should be paid, but please don’t drive yourself crazy.

Quite frankly, if you stick to the manufacturers with good reps and quality, they’re all pretty nice. Ask around and see if you will to know Centrepiece furnishing Singapore.

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This is known as a Bridgewater Sofa or an English roll arm sofa


This is a sleek track arm sofa.


TCS Designs makes my favorite settee. It is quite compact and yet just as comfortable as a full-sized sofa, so I’ve used it many times, when space is tight.


lee-7733--10-best-sofasThis is a Tuxedo Arm sofa which we did below for the Bronxville sun room with a skirt




The Lawson arm sofa is probably the most common basic style. In the 80’s the arms were really BIG sometimes. This version from Lee is updated yet still classic. The so-called “traditional sofa” is usually a version of this arm with a 7″ skirt.



A newer frame from CR Laine, the Huntley evokes a kind of Hollywood of the 1930s-type glamor to me.


This sofa from Lee is not only very beautiful, but feels totally luxurious and enveloping to sit in.


A classic leather Chesterfield. This became popular in men’s club houses in the early part of the 20th century. It’s distinctive large round arm is the same height as the back. It is usually tufted.


This is a custom-made Chesterfield I had made for a client in Scarsdale, NY 2 years ago.


The wedge sofa is a newer style. This version from Lee is a winner. There are other versions of this style which are also great, but I included the wedge, because I think that it’s kinda cool and would be great for watching TV.

1131_1012-10-best-sofas-cr-laine-chichesterCR Laine’s Chichester sofa is a new take on the classic Chesterfield sofa.

Bronxville Living Room-best-sofas-cr-laine-chichester

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Is green a hip sofa colour of choice? 


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This is definitely a colour that we do not see as often. Yoy may feel that it is too bold?  Too much?  Too hard to match your other decor? 

But if done right.  You will be surprise how this colour can add much uniqueness to your space. Your choice will speaks volume about what you are as a person.  Fresh,  ever vibrant and oh so cool?  😉

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10 Looks to Hang Above Your Sofa


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Is the wall above your couch looking naked? If so, you can try anything from a statement piece to a grouping of sketches to complete your space. The possibilities are endless – but they don’t have to be overwhelming! Use these tasteful styles and hanging options as inspiration to transform your living room.

Not sure you want to tackle it alone? Tell us about your space to get started with a fresh new look to your space.


1. Bold Black and White


bold black and white, art above the couch, sugarlift art consultants

Courtesy of Sugarlift

Complement your sleek modern grey scale with a bold black and white instead of a textured neutral. This sophisticated contrast never gets old. Placing the piece across from a window (like the piece above by Thomas Hammer) lets the vibrant city bring in light and color while the room stays crisp and clean.


2. Light, Airy Nature Scene

Sugarlift NYC Art Consultants art above the sofa

Courtesy of Sugarlift

Need a break from the concrete jungle outside? Bring some fresh air into your living room with a nature scene. The best part: you can have lush forests with no mosquitos and sandy beaches without the humidity. Need inspiration? Oregon-based Sugarlift artist Kati Dimoff (whose work is pictured above) can help you bring that chill west coast vibe into your home.


3. Color Conscious Pairing

sugarlift nyc art consultants abstract art above the couch

Courtesy of Decor Pad

When adding artwork to your space, playing around with colors is always encouraged—just make sure to avoid channeling your inner matchy-matchy Stepford wife. Instead, use art to emphasize shades and textures that highlight deeper tones in your room. Here, the blue side tables, pillow, and book match the painting’s color pallet, but introduce new shades, shapes, and complimentary colors.


4. Diptych

lizzie gill sugarlift art consultants art above the couchCourtesy of Sugarlift

Don’t let the bougie art lingo scare you away – a diptych is just a piece of art with two panels. Here, Brooklynite Lizzie Gill’s modern digital collage artworks are perfect for a room with mixed colors and patterns. The two pieces start a conversation with each other. Get ready for when you take them home and the rest of the room joins in!


5. Subtle, Textured Neutral

art for you home above the couch sugarlift art consultants

Courtesy of Tharon Anderson Design 

What if your wall is naked but your furniture is amazing? Don’t think your sofa and your painting need to fight it out for attention. A textured neutral will draw your attention, soften your space, and bring in a nice glow that will compliment your interior decor – not offend it!


6. Bold, Abstract Statement Piece 


mitchell sugarlift art consultants nyc

Courtesy of Design Chic

Something bold and painterly above the sofa adds energy to a room. In this piece, the colorful and unpredictable lines radiate throughout the room. Pro tip: too big is always better than too small. Because this piece is wider than the couch, the bold design and large frame really demonstrate how a statement piece can elevate your living room to a new level.


7. Eye Catcher

sugarlfit art consultants art above your sofaCourtesy of Emily Henderson

A stimulating layered piece will have you completely absorbed. You won’t just be trying to unravel the artist’s process, you’ll be following the washes of color in the piece and noticing how the green background really brings out your hubby’s eyes while he complains about the office.


8. Gallery Wall

art consultants NYC Sugarlift art above your sofa

Courtesy of Decoist

If a single large piece feels too serious, a gallery wall is the perfect, playful alternative. Because gallery walls feature multiple artworks hung together, they can be fun, creative, and great for those of us with commitment issues. Show off your love for the phases of the moon next to a small work by both your favorite fine artists and the best painters in the world – your kids! If you’re interested in keeping it cohesive, try matching frames (like above) or use similar colors and forms in the pieces themselves. The similarities will draw your eye throughout the collection.


9. Optical Illusion

Karan Singh sugarlift art consultants NYCCourtesy of Sugarlift

An optical illusion piece not only catches your attention, but keeps your eye as the piece seems to undulate and evolve in front of you! Artists like Bridget Riley, M. C. Escher, and Karan Singh (whose work is pictured above) keep your clean, bright, sophisticate style intact and your mind engaged.

10. Vertical Piece


art over the couch sugarlift art consultants
Courtesy of Lindsey Doramus Design

This vertical piece brings character to your room. Here, the figure catches your eye in the center of the piece and the verticality directs your gaze down to the couch. This not only intensifies the relationship between your art and furniture, but also makes your space feel larger. Center a vertical piece above a love seat or L-shaped couch to give the illusion that the only thing that fits up the stairs of your charming walk-up is at least three inches longer than it measures. Capitalize on tall ceilings, embrace those perpendicular lines, and go for it.

Posted by Kristen Clevenson /

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10 Design Strategies for Art Lovers


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Artists get into a real tizzy about the subject of people looking for art-to-match-the-sofa. Coming from a background as an artist, I always encourage my interior design clients to select art first if they don’t have any so they feel free to buy what they love and not worry about what it goes with. And then we can plan the decor around the art.
I’m sure I’ll get an irate artist or two commenting here. I’ve spoken with some artists who feel the art completely stands on its own and should have nothing to do with the decor. Here’s the simple fact. No matter how irritated artists get by the subject of art-matching-the-sofa, your art will always look better and have greater impact in the space when the decor supports the art. Here are techniques you can use in your decor to support your art and make it even better.

Want to add a dash of golden luck into your life?  We did this upholstery: p


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Changing on how you feel about your existing life is pretty easy.  Change your furniture to this bright gold upholstery and immediately you will feel totally different!  

Contact Vince 90305057 or visit www. Centrepiece.com.sg 

High maintenance maybe require for that ultra sleek look of off-white upholstery.  


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Met a lovely customer today and we r going to Reupholstery her items all to off white😱😱😱

Email and text us if you are able to maintain such a lifestyle.  Vince 90305057 or email:  info@centrepiece.com.sg