Leather sofa is a serious topic.

But we seriously suggest that you will consider using fabrics instead for your sofa as it is not only less cruel but also more stylish. Go see : http://www.centrepiece.com.sg/contacts


Custom made items are always more costly. 

That’s why in order to get the quality and value that you want.  You need to bypass the middle man and deal directly with the manufacturer.   We may not be as polish as the sleek well dressed sales personnel but we are definitely very knowledgeable and will know minute details of what is a […]

What do you think of this Loom Stool?

Product Details:

Available for customisation with other fabrics, price depends on fabric and size selected.
Size : 46 X 46cm
Fabric : Texture reverse / Code: KK04000-009 (subject to availability of fabrics)
Made to order : estimated delivery time 4 weeks.