We know it matters – customers’ delightful feedbacks

We know the extra work and effort that we consistently put in matters. We are customers too. So we want to give you more values for your dollar, this is our way of saying thank you. In turn, we know you care and have the kindest way to express your kindness towards us. We appreciate […]

Thank you for your kind sharing.

Little things that happened around us should not be taken for granted. Sometimes, a little effort will bring much joy to others. Do share with us what you think, so that we can further improve on our services and quality of our products. Any comments will be appreciated:) Hope to hear from you soon. Vince […]

Preparation for the Christmas festival.

  The Christmas festival is always a time for lots of activities. It may be a tad late to sent in your sofa to us for to upholstery as we are quite filled up with orders. But of course if you may have a special reason or a particular request, we can always work out […]

We take pride in your grace! Thank you.

We are proud of what we do and we sincerely want you to be happy with what we offer. No promises, no fancy words and certainly no disguise. In all honesty, we are very grateful for customers who share your happiness with us. It does make a great deal of difference to us 🙂 Thank […]

I know it is still early to think about that upholstery for your christmas party… or is it?

As indicated from past years of experience, we know Christmas and the New Year is a very busy time for all. That is including the manufacturing industry and us. Getting the right and perfect upholstery takes time… not just from the selection of the fabrics and the re-conditioning of the foams density. It also requires […]

FULLY PACKED with orders till Christmas 2010!

          It seems that with the rapid growing economy, comes greater spending ability. The past month has been a mad rush in completing orders for our existing clients. Once we deliver the orders, more orders come in. Our staff hardly gets any day off now, and they are already putting in over-time work! Not that we […]