FULLY PACKED with orders till Christmas 2010!

          It seems that with the rapid growing economy, comes greater spending ability. The past month has been a mad rush in completing orders for our existing clients. Once we deliver the orders, more orders come in. Our staff hardly gets any day off now, and they are already putting in over-time work! Not that we are complaining, but some of our clients are put on a waiting list for up to 3 months!

            Since most of our clients are by referral, the connections between us and them are strong. With their kindness and understanding, most of them are happy to wait a little. As they know they will get honest and reliable service from us. This is prove from their referral by their friends.

           Even so, we are still trying our best to be as inclusive as possible. We have declined several jobs (with sincere apologise). As we are commited to provide quality rather than quantity in our products. Any additional workers must have at least 5 years of experience in the makng of high-end quality sofas in order to be with us. Furthermore, all completed sofas or products are screened by Vince Chiang personally before it is approved for delivery. All these takes time. So we urge our clients and new clients to be patience with us.

We are definitely grateful to all our friends and clients for creating this happy situation for us. Your support is what keeps us growing and energise as we see more and more referral from our happy clients. We hope you will allow us the chance to be your friend too?

Contact us: www.centrepiece.com.sg

email: info(AT)centrepiece.com.sg (so that you will be able to get an response within the next 5 days.)

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