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The Christmas festival is always a time for lots of activities. It may be a tad late to sent in your sofa to us for to upholstery as we are quite filled up with orders. But of course if you may have a special reason or a particular request, we can always work out something for you:)

However, you may want to consider doing up some cushions to decorate your sofa? This will add further festive mood to your home.



Sometimes a simple flower cushion can make a lot of difference to the mood of your living room.


Perhaps a little dash of colours?


We have many selections of fabrics that you can consider. And since it is Christmas, you will definitely get a better deal!

Consult Vince @ 90305057. He will perhaps be able to suggest some ideas for your consideration.

sales(AT)centrepiece.com.sg or www.centrepiece.com.sg