Reasons You Need a Bespoke Couch to be Made in Singapore.

By removing the middlemen that normally hike up the prices of furniture, centrepiece furnishing allows you to work with a wide range of custom options, while still remaining affordable. Intrigued by the concept, we spoke with the company to gain some insight on why exactly customizable furniture is the way to go.


Custom Made Corner Sofas In Singapore

Centrepiece Furnishing provides one on one service inside our workshop. We have experienced workers ready to assist you design your perfect sofa that fits into your space.

How To Decorate With Oversized Sofas? Singapore

You need to take a whole range of things into account before you purchase a couch, from size to practicality, style to comfort, and as it’s one of the most integral pieces of furniture in your home, you’ll want to take some time and look at all your options before you jump into picking just one.

How to Determine Furniture Proportion to a Room?

In addition, you can custom your dining chairs, ottoman and headboard to coordinate that designer look for your space. Deal directly at our workshop:

Is it better to get a sofa made as opposed to buying a ready made sofa?

I would say, it depends upon the mindset of consumer. If you are looking at replacing the sofa in every 5 years or you want to use the same for next 20 years.

If it is the first case go for a cheaper one or ready made either from online or offline stores.