Packed with orders… again…

I am beginning to feel embarrass by letting you know that we are packed with orders again. I know we should have hire more helps since we have already expanded our workshop to accommodate more orders. However, to ensure that all products that are manufacture and make by us is of the utmost quality. We had […]

What fabric is suitable for your sofa?

The fine threads that you get from those silk worms are known to be one of the finest luxury that mankind has discovered. It is said to be able to self regulate its tempre Silk is known to keep people warm in cold season and at the same time keep you cool during the hot […]

COST of making a new sofa?

I know we are direct manufacturers, but seriously, are you really expecting a 2.2m, 3-seater brand new custom-made sofa with fabrics at S$800/- dollars? Perhaps you might be able to find it at some low budget furniture stores that offer HUGE discounts for their display set?  Perhaps you might get it from another less develop […]