You are essentially a cool person!


Okay, fine. Most of us do not look like a model out of a trendy fashion magazine. However, most of us do carry a certain style that make us uniquely different. Sometimes, the majority of people may not think so but we will always find someone who will be able to appreciate us for what we are. The most critical person on earth is sometimes ourselves. So as you are sat on your couch, take a closer look at what you are telling yourself at each moment and change that voice.


Change it to a voice that tells yourself that you are a cool person.


Repeat it and tell the people around you that they are essentially cool people too!


Eventually, try to spread the coolness to the world outside your window.


Hopefully, with enough practise. Your dreams will also become cool as you internalised it.


Of course, when you feel that your home will one day reflect your new internal voice. You can speak to us and we can work together to get your home to be as chill as you 😛

centrepiece furnishing or email: info(AT)

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