Time to get bold with prints and flower power.

Okay. Some of you are our previous customers and friends and you probably have found out that we do not usually recommend bold prints or flowery fabrics for your sofa.


There are many reasons for that as we look into durability and functionality of the sofa.


We also look into the current trend and the whole feeling of your home. Occasionally, we will come across customers who wants to be different. Who believes that their sofa and their home should represent their unique character.


So this spring, do go ahead and tell us how you like your sofa to be as bold as you want and to select fabrics that hold dynamics colours to make a statement. We sincerely want your sofa to truly become the centrepiece of your home!

skyline-furniture-storage-bench-in-gorgeous-blossom-d-20140805165023707~7564453wSpeak to us or visit us via text appointment @ 90305057 or email: info(@)centrepiece.com.sg

Visit: http://www.centrepiece.com.sg



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