Why choose reupholstery?

                         The first step in determining re-upholstery as an option is to judge the quality of your piece. Upholstered furniture pieces are like cars and electronics: the quality is hidden inside. Old furniture may be better quality in materials and construction than what you could get for the same cost in a new piece of furniture


                 An easy way to determine quality is to gauge whether the old sofa or chair seems to be sturdy and well-constructed while only the fabric is worn. Second, if you like the style and size of what you have, you already know what you are getting. More importantly, you know whether your old piece is comfortable. It is not always easy to determine this from a few minutes in a showroom.


Re-Upholstery Process

Re-upholstery involves more than replacing the fabric. The frame, springs, and padding are all inspected and re-glued, repaired, or replaced as necessary.



The cost of re-upholstery will generally be more expensive than cheaply made furniture but less expensive than most high end furniture. If your sofa cost less than SGD $2000, it may not make much sense to consider re-upholstery. Nevertheless, it is best to talk to few local re-upholstering businesses to estimate the range of cost.

 Of course, you can also consider what we can offer. Text us for an appointment at 90305057 or email: info(@)centrepiece.com.sg

Visit: www.centrepiece.com.sg

– See more at: http://www.doitgreen.org/green-living/furniture-re-upholstery-vs-replacement#sthash.fH52MuYf.dpuf


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