You know best, our customer’s creativity.

Our customer do know best.

Basically, never let anyone in your life tells you that they know better. Unless, of course if that person is your mother. Anyway, when it comes to selecting a sofa set that fits you and your family life style and taste. I think you will definitely know best.

So when you come in to custom made a sofa set with us. Your views and ideas are important, we do try our best to create with you what you want.

Of course, sometimes, our master craftman (Vince chiang) may offer you alternative ideas as certain structure of sofa may not be technically feasible. On top of that, your comfort and the beauty of the finish product is equally important.


So, are you thinking of taking a step forward to create a sofa that you can call your own?

Text us 9030 5057 for an appointment or email: sales(@)

you can direct your questions to Justin(@)

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