5 Ways to Use Slipper Chairs This classic chair can work in any room. We show you how!

Enough interests to add this to your home? You can contact us for an appointment to discuss further on how this could be done.


MADE IN SINGAPORE SOFA – Luxury for the discerning only.

Custom made sofa and armchair are costly and time consuming if you are in Singapore. However, the quality and being uniquely different are something that you deserve to have in life. How many of us can say that we own a piece of sofa that is MADE IN SINGAPORE. We all know that will be expensive due to the land and manpower cost in Singapore.

Is our ottoman for you?

We also charge more than the other company as we know we will give the best value for your dollar. As you know we do not mark up our prices. that is why we hardly give discounts.  No frill, no fancy showroom and direct services at our workshop.

Another new beginning for the Chinese

If you know the history of Singapore, you will probably know that the majority of Chinese people in Singapore would have came from China. After many years of western influence, particularly the American pop culture. We see an emergence of Chinese cultural revival! Similarly, we see more homes that has a hint of Chinese influence in […]

How about a slipcover for your sofa?

  Slipcovers – An Effective Way to Renew Your Furniture and change the look of your sofa fast.         Change as often as you like If you want to give your furniture a new look but you cant decide if that favorite fabric will fit the seasonal changes of the year. Then […]