A different kind of headboard

Occasionally we will get some requests in regards to unique designs that our customers like. Recently, we receive one request about a headboard. It sets us up thinking and excited in creating something special for you and for us.


Is green colour okay for your sofa?

Okay, it is more muted that you think it is. Will you ever consider having a sofa done in a bright green? I doubt you can buy it at a mass produced store. If you are thinking about something very different.

Are you expecting too much from them?

Seriously, if we limit our hopes and dreams in our life. Would’nt that be self limitating beliefs? Will we achive the same kind of satisfaction in life if we do that?

Life is no bed of roses.

I hope today, more comfort and love will go your way. Whatever you are going against, let your strength, personal beliefs and dreams take charge. For without them, we will not be living in a society where material comfort and civil society is still relatively comfortable to us.