“Do-it-yourself headboards can be an easy way to make high-impact, low-cost improvements to bedroom decor. These two ideas are from Singapore’s Home & Decor magazine: one’s a cushy take on upholstery ….

The cushy headboard requires 9 small cushions (or batting-wrapped panels) that are covered in complimentary fabrics. The panels are fixed in a grid at the head of the bed and finished with fabric-covered buttons. ” home and decor magazine.

At centrepiece, we always encourage creativity in our expression. What is desirable in our home should be a personal choice. Mass produced products may sometimes not fit into unique style as mentioned for this headboard. Even if you can find something like that in a mass market store, you know the cost is going to be sky high.

That is why many of our clients choose to work with us and customise what is needed accordingly. Even thought we are not designers, but personal taste and preference is within all of us.  We learn to trust our clients and our clients will trust us since we work hand in hand to create that centrepiece furniture in our home.

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