Say it like it should.

It is the weekend again. On certain time of the year, sometimes we catch ourselves staring into our house and the watches the trees outside our windows. Wondering… what am I feeling today? If I know, how can I say it out.

And so we tried communicating our heart to the empty armchair across us.

Somehow, it does not response.


Somehow, the feelings in our heart gets stronger.

Chair by Allen Jones, 1969, which depicts a woman bent into the shape of furniture

So strong that we felt like we are part of the chair that people sits on.


Then suddenly, in our thoughts… we learn to look deeper in our feelings and noticed a gimmer of hope.


So we throw in the towel and quit feeling sorry for ourselves. It is okay to feel lonely. It is okay to feel like nobody understands us. It is just okay to be with ourselves and listen to our heart speak to us.

So say it like it should. Go and have a conservation with yourselves about your love for yourself and be your own best friend.


Dare to speak up to yourself!

Be clear about what you like and tell us at centrepiece furnishing. Upholstery your couch if you like so you will have a renewed, recharge area of your home to call your own.


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