Art And Sofa To Uplift Your Home.

How can art and sofa fit into your home? Can art and sofa make your home look more stylish and expensive? Talk to us if you want a custom made art or sofa.


Tropical art can do wonders for how you feel about your life.

Commission a piece of Art when you custom made your sofa or upholstery with Centrepiece Furnishing

5 mood boosters

Feeling down in the dumps? Sometimes we don’t have the time to spend a day at the spa or invite friends and family over to de-stress and cheer us up, so we’ve compiled a list of quick tricks to give you a no-prescription-required burst of bliss in a jiffy. Here are 10 instant ways to boost your mood

How often to change the sofa?

With wide experience in selling sofas, we have decided to share advice “how often to change the sofa” with our customers. It all depends on the quality of the sofa and how many people sit on it.

3 Reasons You Should Avoid Leather in Your Home

Leather household goods have become somewhat of a staple for many — and even many of those people who opt for healthier, more plant-based eating still purchase leather goods, such as couches, ottomans, and the like from time to time. While those who have fully embraced the vegan lifestyle typically cut these materials from their […]

We know it matters – customers’ delightful feedbacks

We know the extra work and effort that we consistently put in matters. We are customers too. So we want to give you more values for your dollar, this is our way of saying thank you. In turn, we know you care and have the kindest way to express your kindness towards us. We appreciate […]

I do appreciate you more now.

This morning we met this person who we will name as “Alice” at her place at Chween Chian road. She is American. She was recommended by our customers to custom make a sofa. As usual, we brought some fabrics sample to her place for her selection. After some time of viewing Alice retorted with a […]