Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Sofa

What Kind of Cushion and Pillow Filling Do You Want?
The cushion and pillow filling are important to the feel of a sofa. Upholstery foam is inexpensive and comes in several thicknesses and weights; however, the best cushions have down fillings. All-down cushions must be fluffed daily, though another option uses down pads wrapped around a core of foam. Understand these options for the sofa you want and which might be best for you. Are the cushions standard, special order, foam, or down?


Custom made headboards possibilities in Singapore

Keeping it alll white.

Sometimes the fabrics are what make the headboard have that designer look.

Restoring or Redesigning Quality Pieces – reupholstery in Singapore

Older pieces have coil springs and hardwood frames that are doweled and glued; today’s pieces have rubber straps or zigzag coils instead of spring coils, and staples are used on frames.

Restoring beauty and beyond – Reupholstery SG

For every $1000 profit from our reupholstery line, $1 will go into planting trees. We are also commited to hiring workers who are disadvantaged or the elderly. Contact us if you have any ideas of collaboration.

Can Rattan Furniture Be Used Outdoors?

If using rattan outdoors, cart it inside during harsh weather and place a cover over it when not in use to prolong its usefulness. Rattan lasts far longer on a protected porch or indoors than it will left out exposed to the elements for months on end.

Chair for everywhere in your house… choose with care and custom made it.

Huge range of fabric options to choose from , or supply your own fabric . The choices are endless .