Rattan and wicker furniture tend to get a bit of a bad rap, often associated with kitschy 1980s decor or denigrated as something found in the home of a dowdy great aunt. But the long-lasting natural medium, made popular in Great Britain and the United States during the Victorian era, is a master of disguise, able to mingleContinue reading “HOW TO BRING RATTAN INTO YOUR SPACES IN AN ELEVATED WAY”

Guide for Expats in Singapore: How Much Is Enough To Live In Singapore?

Singapore’s Demographic Singapore has a total population of 5,612,300. Of which, Singapore citizens make up 61% of the population with 3,438,200. The remaining is made up of 526,600 permanent residents and a good population of 2,121,500 are non-residents. Of the population of non-residents: Singapore will continue to attract foreign talents, having topped the ranking for theContinue reading “Guide for Expats in Singapore: How Much Is Enough To Live In Singapore?”

Make Outdoor Living Comfy Rattan Daybeds

Your outdoor ambiance can be filled with plants and water features. It sure made your garden exude an aura that is relaxing and tranquil. But it would even be nicer if you will be able to snuggle near while listening to the flow of water and the chirping of the birds. That would surely reliveContinue reading “Make Outdoor Living Comfy Rattan Daybeds”

Affordable sites for macrame, rattan furniture and other bohemian ’70s home decor.

Is your home in need of a redesign? Maybe you’re moving in with your S.O., or you’re decorating your first apartment and need some home design inspo. Whatever your reason, if you’re less West Elm and more Anthropologie, we’ve got you covered.   There are so many discount furniture and home decor sites, it’s hardContinue reading “Affordable sites for macrame, rattan furniture and other bohemian ’70s home decor.”

Fabrics that you should use for your outdoor furniture.

If you have bought your outdoor rattan or furniture at a reputable store, you will likely know about Sunbrella fabrics. There have been known to be fabrics for the Home with Unparalleled Performance. Design matters. Without great design, the spaces in our homes lack meaning and inspiration. The perfect combination of color, texture and patternContinue reading “Fabrics that you should use for your outdoor furniture.”

Rattan furniture with Sunbrella fabrics

If you are a new customer, and you need the upholster to do home visit, a $40 willl apply. This is to prevent people who are not serious in getting upholstery services from abusing the system. This not only drive the business cost up, it will also be a waste of time and resources. However, this $40 can be reimburse if the job is confirmed upon deposit. For existing customers, fees can be waived.

Can Rattan Furniture Be Used Outdoors?

If using rattan outdoors, cart it inside during harsh weather and place a cover over it when not in use to prolong its usefulness. Rattan lasts far longer on a protected porch or indoors than it will left out exposed to the elements for months on end.