How to Source Manufacturers of Custom Made Couches

The best way to find reputable, reliable and reasonable manufacturers of custom-made couches and other furniture is often word of mouth. If your friends have had a good experience, then it is certainly worth trying the same company. Another way is to check out advertisements posted or placed by manufacturers who say that they do what you need.


Why use outdoor foam?

Rectangular foam, which can be rounded at the edge, is recommended for most applications. High density outdoor foam is recommended.

MADE IN SINGAPORE SOFA – Luxury for the discerning only.

Custom made sofa and armchair are costly and time consuming if you are in Singapore. However, the quality and being uniquely different are something that you deserve to have in life. How many of us can say that we own a piece of sofa that is MADE IN SINGAPORE. We all know that will be expensive due to the land and manpower cost in Singapore.

Are you satisfied with the comfort the sofa offers?

The same goes for the height. If you’re short, buying a sofa with a high seat height or a large seat depth means that your legs will dangle. This ultimately puts stress for your core and lower back as gravity pulls your feet towards the ground. On the other hand, if you are tall and the sofa is too short/has shallow seating, you might put undue pressure on your knees.

6 tips for that prefect sofa in Singapore

If you have a small living room, odds are you’ll need a smaller sofa . With less space, any sofa or sofa is going to be in the spotlight, so it’s important to pick something that is practical, but is also of a strong design that carries and complements the rest of the space.

You are essentially a cool person!

Okay, fine. Most of us do not look like a model out of a trendy fashion magazine. However, most of us do carry a certain style that make us uniquely different. Sometimes, the majority of people may not think so but we will always find someone who will be able to appreciate us for what […]

Preparation for the Christmas festival.

  The Christmas festival is always a time for lots of activities. It may be a tad late to sent in your sofa to us for to upholstery as we are quite filled up with orders. But of course if you may have a special reason or a particular request, we can always work out […]

Experience being a designer and design your own custom make sofa.

Just like Art pieces, the shape, the colors and the patterns of our sofa will have symbolic meanings behind it. Centrepiece Furnishing latest specialty service in sofa making that lets you create what you want for your sofa just like an art piece. From the conceptualization of the ideas, fabrication of materials and the steps […]

Why you should customise your NEW Sofa with us.

1) Personal Service You will deal with only people who have many years of experience in the field of custom made designers sofas. Come and visit our office display room to design your perfect together. The reason why our direct Designer Sofas has become a name synonymous with quality, professionalism and after-sales peace of mind; […]

Behind the artworks

How often have you seen an art behind a sofa? With increasing affluence, it is now norms to have works of art in home as the cultural standing of Singapore improve. Although art is still considered a luxury item, it is beginning to be more affordable. Not decorative posters or art pieces from some furniture […]