Trend Spotter: Rattan Furniture

Are you pining for rattan but just can’t afford it right now? Find yourself a rattan mirror or two… or three. They will get you in on the rattan trend without making a hole in your pocket. Then you can enjoy your reflective pieces while you save up for a swing.


How to maintain rattan furniture

Spills should be taken care of immediately before they harden or stain, by wiping with a sponge wrung from sudsy water. If you spot mould or mildew growing on your rattan furniture, simply clean with warm soapy water. Then, rinse well and dry it outdoors.

The Must-See Sofa Trends of 2018

Bold tufting is one of our favorite trends of the year, and we love how easy it is to incorporate into the living room. Traditional button tufting, vintage-inspired channel tufting, and the ultra-modern all-over look provide a healthy dose of detail and drama.