Big sofa to be custom made in Singapore…

premium sofa


What are we trying to build with our life?

Have you sat by the window on a morning thinking about what happened the night before?  Thinking about what you could and should have done but didn’t. Feeling guilty with things that you can’t undone with time. What am I building everyday with my time and energy. And before we know it… it is already afternoon. Sometimes […]

I’m seeing so many rainbow colours recently…

I am not too sure about the debate that is on going about certain groups of people who are against the splendour of the rainbow, the glowing pink of love or the people who are born this way. Are you like me who is sometimes puzzle who in this world have the heart to object to LOVE? […]

DIY a sofa for yourself?

How to custom make Sectional Sofas By: Nicole Byerly (Break Studios Contributing Writer)  Learning how to custom make sectional sofas will allow you to create the perfect seating unit for your home.  Sometimes sectional sofas can be extremely large, which may not be sufficient in any smaller space. Custom making furniture allows you to create […]