Expats returning from Singapore, secrets you need to know.

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Life is no bed of roses.

I hope today, more comfort and love will go your way. Whatever you are going against, let your strength, personal beliefs and dreams take charge. For without them, we will not be living in a society where material comfort and civil society is still relatively comfortable to us.

Should I stop being happy?

You must have heard that we cant be happy all the time, so how much do you think we should try to be happy when we are not?  How did you decide when we should stop trying to be happy? When was the last time you felt like life is a piece of dump? That you ratherContinue reading “Should I stop being happy?”

You are essentially a cool person!

Okay, fine. Most of us do not look like a model out of a trendy fashion magazine. However, most of us do carry a certain style that make us uniquely different. Sometimes, the majority of people may not think so but we will always find someone who will be able to appreciate us for whatContinue reading “You are essentially a cool person!”

What are we trying to build with our life?

Have you sat by the window on a morning thinking about what happened the night before?  Thinking about what you could and should have done but didn’t. Feeling guilty with things that you can’t undone with time. What am I building everyday with my time and energy. And before we know it… it is already afternoon. SometimesContinue reading “What are we trying to build with our life?”

It has been half a decade! SG50 is a long time.

If you happened to be in Singapore on holiday, working, studying or just passing by, you may have noticed that Singapore is having a little birthday party! So you will get to see plenty of fire works in these few days. If you happened to be a local, permanent resident or on work permit. YouContinue reading “It has been half a decade! SG50 is a long time.”


Your height and the length of your legs matter, as does the amount of, ahem, padding you have on your backside. For some, a comfortable couch is one that you sink into, a place where lounging evolves easily into sleeping. For others, a comfortable couch is one with a bit of structure and support. A handfulContinue reading “Let us get COMFORTABLE.”

How to choose a couch that will support your lower back

There is a large variety of sofa styles out there; Chaise, sectional/modular, Divan, Chesterfield, sleeper etc When  buying a couch or sofa it is important to not only consider how it looks but also whether it will support your lower back adequately, whilst you sit and as a result prevent you from slouching. Why is this important? SittingContinue reading “How to choose a couch that will support your lower back”

I need a COMFORT sofa now.

I think the current local trend in contemporary sofa has been clean and “office like” shapes and designs. It is the kind of sofa that matches your white walls and designer’s chic black vase. I guess you would know what I am referring to if you have been out shopping for a sofa at the retail stores. OnContinue reading “I need a COMFORT sofa now.”