Good Quality Reuphostery Cost in Singapore

If you have an ottoman that needs reupholstering, whether it is a large one that you’re using instead of a coffee table or a small one that is being used as a footstool, it can be costly. Prices can vary greatly due to the extra work that often goes into making them. Ottomans are often tufted and have details like nailhead trim, and these things can take a lot of work. Prices can go as high as $1,000. That said, they can also go as low as $500. The amount of fabric will depend mainly on the size of the piece.

8 Ways to Make the World a Better Place

It’s easy to be selfish with your time, money, and resources by getting caught up in our material-driven societal expectations. Try being generous and see how your life changes. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line at Starbucks, read to children at your local library, or simply stop and listen for the answer when you ask a friend how they’re doing.

Give Your Sofa A New Lease of Life From Fabric to Frame, Refreshed and Refurbished

Re-upholstery Give your sofa a second chance and make a style statement with exciting new fabrics Could your furniture do with a facelift? Offering the highest quality re-upholstery in Hampshire, our team of experts use traditional methods to bring your furniture back to its original glory, replacing damaged springs, joints, or padding along the way.Continue reading “Give Your Sofa A New Lease of Life From Fabric to Frame, Refreshed and Refurbished”