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Why You Need a Jute Rug

Jute rugs make great alternatives to potentially costly machine-made rugs. These natural fiber rugs provide a stylish, raw texture to your home, and should you ever decide to change your decor, they are recyclable as well as biodegradable. Jute is a fast-growing, replaceable fiber, so production of jute area rugs does not harm the environment.

Does the furniture have sentimental value?

One of our customer found an antique rocking chair 25 years ago in the attic of an inn his parents purchased. He’s dragged the chair with him to every home and apartment he’s lived ever since, through four or five different moves, says his partner, Leslie.  “Over the years, it got in worse and worse shape,”Continue reading “Does the furniture have sentimental value?”

Should I stop being happy?

You must have heard that we cant be happy all the time, so how much do you think we should try to be happy when we are not?  How did you decide when we should stop trying to be happy? When was the last time you felt like life is a piece of dump? That you ratherContinue reading “Should I stop being happy?”

Look What We Got In The Lookbox (Singapore) Cover Page

This is what I saw on the cover of this interior decoration magazine. You will notice that on the bottom left hand corner is a blue wooden armchair? Yes, it is available in our workshop! We have featured it before if you have noticed from the previous posting. See?     Okay, I kinda preferredContinue reading “Look What We Got In The Lookbox (Singapore) Cover Page”

Teak wood collection.

Coffee table with re-use solid teakwood at USD $200. Ask us about the size and arrange to have a look at the furniture. Teakwood wooden structure for your consideration. Of course, the seating and fabrics are made to order. So you can to choose the design your want. Playing our part in the ECO-conservation ofContinue reading “Teak wood collection.”

I am in LOVE with RED sofa.

This may not be the colour of choice for everybody. As this colour is not only BOLD! It is also a very exotic colour of choice. So unless you are daring and certain enough. We will be very careful in making recommendation for this colour of passion to you. So rest assured, we have fabrics ofContinue reading “I am in LOVE with RED sofa.”

teakwood coffee table…

Our latest stock of teakwood just arrived.. limited edition of sofa and coffee table. Looking at the beautiful grain of the wood and the natural joint of the wood. You have better come early before this limited supply of teakwood at our workshop is gone. Contact Vince 9030 5057 and arrange for a viewing atContinue reading “teakwood coffee table…”

Life Is Simple, Sit Back and Breath…

Just as we advance in the complexity and convenience that modern technology can bring to us. We also cannot deny that, greater than ever, we seems to be looking back into the natural way of life as much. Naturally, it seems that the Japanese has an uncanning ability to merge modernity and nature. Don’t youContinue reading “Life Is Simple, Sit Back and Breath…”

Direct sofa manufacturer are not all the same.

Seriously, you should seriously ask around for recommendation from your friends and colleaugues. Get 2nd opinion and go to someone reputable and reliable. Cos in the long run, quality of your product and the workmanship maybe what you are really paying for.   SO choose wisely, choose people with a good reputation and is reliable.Continue reading “Direct sofa manufacturer are not all the same.”

Something Old or Something New?

 Something Old or Something New? by centrepiece furnishings    What are you going to do with that chintzy old sofa that granny left you? As much as you hate to admit it, its heyday as a fashion statement is over, and even worse, it has a gaping hole in the armrest where her pet PekineseContinue reading “Something Old or Something New?”