Reupholstery for Sentimental Reasons- Singapore

Updating an old collectible for your home or business for sentimental reasons, can be a challenge and a reward, as well as a wonderful conversation piece for years to come. An expert upholsterer can help you maintain the unique individuality of a piece, or turn an old look into a new exiting fashion statement.


If only our life is only black and white? How beautiful can it be?

Even in my dreams, it is sometimes just black and white…

Spotted: A Cane Comeback – Warm and natural cane furniture and accessories lend a laid-back feel inside and out

Warm and natural cane furniture and accessories lend a laid-back feel inside and out

How to choose your dining chairs.

Chairs and chair arms should be able to slide under your dining table with ease, but they also must have comfortable lap and leg room when guests are sitting in them. Most dining tables are about 30 inches high. Chair height is generally 18 inches (from the floor to the seat).

Here are some keys on how to make a decision without regret.

if you are just thinking of getting a custom made sofa or to decide on the best fabrics to upholstery your favourite armchair? Just go with your fancy and decide whatever you want… we will help you along the way:P

I dare you to go WHITE!

Number 5: White sofa is hard to come by in the stores as it is high maintenance and it is not for mere “mortals” or the massess. It takes guts to commit yourself to such an choice if you feel strongly about this.

It has been half a decade! SG50 is a long time.

If you happened to be in Singapore on holiday, working, studying or just passing by, you may have noticed that Singapore is having a little birthday party! So you will get to see plenty of fire works in these few days. If you happened to be a local, permanent resident or on work permit. You […]

Who to listen to when you cant decide which sofa to choose?

Consider the needs of individuals and groups. People need to feel heard, valued, respected and acknowledged. Develop sensitivity to the needs of others. For children, this means learning how to share toys and play harmoniously on the playground. At this moment in time, you and your spouse maybe at the verge of a power struggle […]

3 Reasons You Should Avoid Leather in Your Home

Leather household goods have become somewhat of a staple for many — and even many of those people who opt for healthier, more plant-based eating still purchase leather goods, such as couches, ottomans, and the like from time to time. While those who have fully embraced the vegan lifestyle typically cut these materials from their […]

LOUD patterns for your sofa?

Do you sometimes feel that your life is in a mess just like the sofa with loud patterns in your living room? Things can look not quite right even though you may have love the fabrics initially. The thing about mess is this. We need to balance it out. So if your sofa is bold and loud, […]


Your height and the length of your legs matter, as does the amount of, ahem, padding you have on your backside. For some, a comfortable couch is one that you sink into, a place where lounging evolves easily into sleeping. For others, a comfortable couch is one with a bit of structure and support. A handful […]