Give Your Sofa A New Lease of Life From Fabric to Frame, Refreshed and Refurbished

Re-upholstery Give your sofa a second chance and make a style statement with exciting new fabrics Could your furniture do with a facelift? Offering the highest quality re-upholstery in Hampshire, our team of experts use traditional methods to bring your furniture back to its original glory, replacing damaged springs, joints, or padding along the way.Continue reading “Give Your Sofa A New Lease of Life From Fabric to Frame, Refreshed and Refurbished”

History of Rattan in Furniture Design

The age of colonization introduced the West to rattan furniture. Wicker, a process of weaving rattan, gained popularity in the Victorian Era. Rattan was seen as the symbol of tropical island living. People recreated the idyllic lifestyle in grand houses and saloons using exotic rattan furniture.

Design idea: Create a beautiful home with rattan and other wicker furniture pieces

The design-savvy already know that rattan is in, especially to create a look that is cosy, rustic and nature-inspired. And furniture makers have been coming up with designs for rattan and other wicker pieces that are more modern, despite the heritage and tradition of these natural materials.

Can a single accent rattan chair/furniture up your style factor in your home?

Irregardless of your style of your space. Rattan has been proven to be incredible versatile. It can easily add that natural charm into any space. One trick is to play with the cushion seats and cushions designs. SO that the look of your space can be enhanced without costing too much. If you are inContinue reading “Can a single accent rattan chair/furniture up your style factor in your home?”

Reupholstery for Sentimental Reasons- Singapore

Updating an old collectible for your home or business for sentimental reasons, can be a challenge and a reward, as well as a wonderful conversation piece for years to come. An expert upholsterer can help you maintain the unique individuality of a piece, or turn an old look into a new exiting fashion statement.

Stylish Designs Showcase The Elegance Of Rattan Furniture

This is to prevent people who are not serious in getting upholstery services from abusing the system which not only drive the business cost up, it will also be a waste of time and resources. However, this SGD $40 can be reimburse if the job is confirmed upon deposit. For existing customers, fees can be waived. Cheers 🙂

It is tropical and banana leave print everywhere!

There is something about this print designs that makes you feel that life can bloom again. That we are alive!

Bar trolley for that added style

A bar cart, at its essence, is a working space. It’s a place where you should be able to whip up a quick cocktail should the opportunity arise. That means it’s an item that needs to perfectly balance form and function. So avoid going overboard with decoration and instead focus on items that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful.

How much will it cost to reupholster a sofa or chair?

We’re passionate about providing the best possible reupholstery service – we want to give your furniture that “wow!” factor back – and our prices reflect that. The price will vary dependent on the suite, but we’ll be able to provide a more specific price once we’ve seen your sofa or chair when you sent us images of your sofa via whatapps at 90305057 Singapore.

How to Bring Rattan into Your Spaces in an Elevated Way- Singapore

We know how to take rattan and wicker furniture from frumpy to fabulous. “If you’re working with a chair or a sofa, for instance, simply adding a seat cushion or pillows, or going all in with a new upholstery job in a current fabric, can go a long way toward making the piece feel more modern.”

Fresh new year, Reupholstery some of your furniture for a fresh new start!

All that said, if you are able to reupholster, this will breathe fresh life into the piece of furniture you’ve so loved through the years. Seeing it in its new clothing will also help ensure its place in your home for the years to come. And you feeling refresh for the new year!

Decorating with Woven Accents (No matter your decorating style)

Rattan, bamboo, cane, they’re all HOT right now.  It’s what validates a “score” when thrifting or vintage shopping.  Everybody wants everything woven, basically.  And for good reason.  I would almost take it as far as saying every space NEEDS something woven.  Woven accents add such an element of texture, and texture is definitely needed inContinue reading “Decorating with Woven Accents (No matter your decorating style)”