The first two things that anyone notices in any settee, sofa or armchair is the fabric and color. These two things are often what convinces people to spend their hard-earned money to purchase new or second-hand furniture.

Whether your intention for furniture restoration is to sell your furniture or not, choosing the right fabric and color can improve both the aesthetic and market value of your furniture.

Choosing the right fabric for a reupholstery project is important if you want to maintain the authenticity of your furniture. Changing the fabric of an antique can do damage to its originality.

The color of your furniture gives it an added personality. Choosing the right color will not only enhance the beauty of your furniture, but also compliment the overall aesthetics of your living room, dining room, bedroom or wherever you intend to keep the furniture.

Be mindful of the importance of fabric and color to the quality and beauty of furniture.

Making the right choice when it comes to choosing the right fabric and color for their upholstery, reupholstery and furniture restoration project.

If you are in Singapore and is in need of an update for your couch to these fabrics, then contact us. The usual cost for reupholster/upholstery will start from SGD $1200 and above for a 2 seater or SGD $680 and above for an armchair. If you custom made a sofa in Singapore, the price starts from $3400 onwards. Ask for over stocked fabrics and you may even get a better price. Whatapps photos of your sofa and size to (+65 90305057 , Vince ) you can speak directly to us or email: info(at) to discuss your order. We don’t have call centres or customer service departments, you speak directly to the people making your sofa. Restoring beauty and beyond – Reupholstery SGShop @: Centrepiece Lazada  Find sales/clear stock @ : CarousellStay Connected centrepiece

Contact or email: info(at)

Note: If you are a new customer, and you need the upholster to do home visit, a SGD $50 will apply for upholstery services. This amount can be factor into the total cost if you subsequently accept the quote and use our services. For existing customers, first time on site consultation fees may be waived.

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