8 Must See Tips to Feng Shui Your Sofa in Living room

1. Sofa must have backing – This is the most crucial tip to take note because by positioning the sofa against a solid wall, it symbolize having nobleman (贵人) support in your life and career. If there is no backing, it give a sense of insecurity and not only affect your wealth, but also tends to attract back stabbers. If there is really no choice, you can consider placing a short cabinet or screen divider to act as a support. Rule of thumb: never put water tank behind your sofa because it has the meaning of Chinese proverb -背水一战 (Always struggling to survive)

2. Avoid sitting under a beam – This will lead to wealth losses and health issues like headaches or migraine. In order to overcome this issue,  you can cover the beam with a beautiful false ceiling or simply just move the sofa away.

Do not have beam above your sofa

3. Shape does matter too – It is recommended to get a “U” shaped sofa because it helps to accumulate qi (藏风纳气) which is good Feng Shui.

4. Avoid “second hand” used sofa – It is the same principle as wallet Feng Shui as we do not want to bring residual energies from the past owners to you home without knowing if it is a good or bad qi.

Image result for good fengshui sofa

5. Spoilt Sofa must be disposed – Don’t be stingy, change to a new set if the current one is spoilt as it will affect the qi of the house.

6. No Mirror behind the sofa – People like to place mirror randomly to make the living room look more spacious but never put one behind your sofa. Mirror is a good enhancer but you never know if the thing you are reflecting is good or bad, so just do not put any mirror.

7. No lighting right above the sofa – Many people like to install lighting above the sofa to increase the brightness of the room, such as spotlight on the ceiling. If you have this scenario of the lighting directly shining above the sofa, it violate Feng Shui rules and may may cause people to feel dizzy and restless.

8. Ensure that you are facing your favorable directions based on Kua Number when seated at the sofa.

How to find your Kua Number? You can use our Kua Calculator

Hope that these Feng Shui tips may help you to attract good luck but we do believe that the best luck one can have is to believe in yourself.

Not a believer but wanted some updates for your sofa? You can consider just reupholstery it in your favourite colour and fabric. Gaurantee to improve your feeling to see something you like!

Image result for good fengshui sofa

If you are in Singapore and is in need of an update for your couch to these fabrics, then contact us. The usual cost for reupholster/upholstery will start from SGD $950 and above for a 2 seater or SGD $580 and above for an armchair. If you custom made a sofa in Singapore, the price starts from $2950 onwards. Ask for over stocked fabrics and you may even get a better price.

Whatapps photos of your sofa and size to (+65 90305057  ) you can speak directly to us or email: info(at)centrepiece.com.sg to discuss your order. We don’t have call centres or customer service departments, you speak directly to the people making your sofa.

Restoring beauty and beyond – Reupholstery SG

Shop @: Centrepiece Lazada 

Find sales/clear stock @ : Carousell

Stay Connected

Contact www.centrepiece.com.sg or email: info(at)centrepiece.com.sg

Note: If you are a new customer, and you need the upholster to do home visit, a SGD $50 will apply for upholstery services. However, this amount can be reimbursed once you have made the deposit. For existing customers, fees may be waived.

Do make an appointment to visit us at our workshop where you can see hundreds of fabric samples and the workshop. Whatapps now at 90305057. Cheers 🙂

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