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Building furniture from scratch has a huge impact on the environment – it takes around 1000x more CO2 to make a new piece of furniture compared to refurbishing an old piece. The UK would save around 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions if we re-used our old furniture instead of throwing it away.


Reupholstering and reusing furniture is hugely beneficial for the environment – it reduces the effects of global warming, helps save our plants, trees and forests, and reduces the chance of losing some of the planet’s most endangered, and important, animal species. As it stands, only 17% of furniture is being recycled, and UK landfill sites are filled with hundreds of thousands of old furniture pieces each year.

According to Wrap UK, reusing and recycling our old sofas avoids 52,000 tonnes of CO2 eq per year. Not only that, but households benefit by over £320 million per year as a result of the sale of items through reuse exchange and avoiding the purchase of more expensive, or brand new, items.

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So, it’s safe to say that reupholstering has many more environmental benefits than buying new furniture does. So if you are in Singapore and you want to do your part in helping with this cause. 

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