Trend Spotter: Rattan Furniture

It’s stealing the spotlight in the living room. It’s replacing the iron on the patio. It’s even invading the nursery. Rattan furniture is coming back with a big bang. Yes, this trend is a vintage classic that’s happy to be back in your home. It’s pale arms and legs provide a simple and affordable way to incorporate nature into any room. Check out these ways to make the most of this rattan trend.


There is also some pretty sweet rattan patio furniture out there and there is no downside to it. They’re pretty to look at, comfortable to use and will match with anything else you’ve got going on in your backyard. It’s a win win for everyone. 


Are you pining for rattan but just can’t afford it right now? Find yourself a rattan mirror or two… or three. They will get you in on the rattan trend without making a hole in your pocket. Then you can enjoy your reflective pieces while you save up for a swing.


Looking for some custom made water resistant cushions? We will be able to assist you.

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