Decorating with Woven Accents (No matter your decorating style)

Rattan, bamboo, cane, they’re all HOT right now.  It’s what validates a “score” when thrifting or vintage shopping.  Everybody wants everything woven, basically.  And for good reason.  I would almost take it as far as saying every space NEEDS something woven.  Woven accents add such an element of texture, and texture is definitely needed in every space.  Another reason why woven pieces are generally always good is that they all seem to be unique and maybe even one of a kind.  Even if you buy a rattan stool from Urban Outfitters and know that 1000 other people will have the same stool, it’s still going to feel unique.  You could even claim that it’s vintage.  I doubt anyone would ever know.


*If you are curious of the difference between rattan, wicker, bamboo, cane (plus a few more that aren’t as popular), Pier One has a great breakdown of woven furniture HERE.  In short, wicker is an umbrella term for anything woven (cane, bamboo, seagrass, rattan, etc).

Rattan: “The primary material used to create wicker is rattan “vine,” which is actually a prolific climbing palm called Calamus.  The production of wicker furniture often utilizes material from the entire rattan plant: Peel, core, pole and all.”

Cane: “When rattan’s outer skin or peel is removed and cut into thin strips, the resulting material is called cane. Rattan cane is used for weaving chair seats or wrapping joints on wicker furniture and is produced in many different gauges, ranging from carriage fine to the largest slab rattan. It has a natural glossy finish and does not accept stain or paint well, but is considered most beautiful in its natural state.”

Bamboo: “Bamboo resembles rattan and is often mistaken for it; however, one of the biggest differences between the two materials is that bamboo has a hollow core and rattan is solid. Also, bamboo has distinguishing ridges where the leaves were attached, while rattan’s leaf nodes are not so pronounced.”

Most of the rattan, bamboo & cane that I see used in spaces nowadays is used in a specific type of space.  The space that mixes styles, has a mix of high/low pieces – the space that a lot of people call their style.  But…. woven furniture and accessories can be used in ANY style.  Seriously. Any style.  The most traditional of traditional spaces?  The most minimal modern space?  Yes – woven pieces will always work.  

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