Rattan is back with a vengeance.

Now that tropical interiors are making its rounds in home decor, it’s official: rattan is cool again. Once commonly associated with your grandma or only with outdoor furnishings, the natural material delivers laidback, resort charm in spades. With everyone from IKEA to luxe furniture brands on board the rattan train, it’s safe to say it’s back and bolder than ever.   

Day bed In SIngapore. Balcony condo or outdoor

A brief history on rattan
Quietly, rattan has remarkably stood the test of time. Its history goes way back; the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were buried with wicker furniture. Even the Roman empire were big on rattan furnishings too. In Asia, raw rattan largely came from Indonesia and were shaped into furniture by craftsmen in China; due to its proximity to both, Singapore was said to be Southeast Asia’s biggest exporter for rattan furniture. Eventually, the booming trade and colonists in Asia brought rattan to America and Europe.

Rattan revived
Its popularity may have briefly waned, but like the seventies, you’re now seeing it everywhere again . Want to come home to a lush, tropical retreat? Fill your abode with plants, global accents and natural materials like bamboo, and of course rattan. With its current, modern designs, you’d have no problem fitting rattan in your home regardless of your home design.

See how you can incorporate it into your home or personal style below…

Rattan Singapore sofa

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