Comfy sofa to consider?

Whether you like to lounge for hours, or prefer a more formal sitting arrangement, choosing the right sofa plays a major part in the enjoyment of your home.

Comfort is an individual matter, so test out plenty of sofas before considering looks and finish. At our workshop, the showroom space is small but we have sample seatings of various hardness and density for you to test out. Our store almost guarantees that you will be happy with the custom made sofa before it is delivered to you. Therefore it is a good indicator that your sofa will be a good buy in the long term.

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As we get more conscious with our spending, many sofa retailers are offering products with organic coverings, sustainable wood frames or the potential to recycle fully at the end of use.

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The quality of your sofa is very important if you want to reupholstered your sofa in future. A poor quality mass produced sofa will probably be declined by your upholster because it is just not worth it. Save yourself the embarressment and make sure you deal with the best right from the start.

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Deal directly with the sofa maker and upholstery workshop in Singapore. Centrepiece Furnishing is an established brand that deals mainly with luxury and conceptual lifestyle furnitures. Our vast collection of eclectic pieces, ranging from traditional to contemporary, allows seamless flow of fluidity and splendor into your homes and lifestyle. Whether your style rides into the traditional lines or the more modern and minimalist styles, Centrepiece caters to all ideas. Our customised made-to-order sofa and upholstery services come direct from our factory at Centrepiece Furnishing. Receive reliable and quality workmanship with our highest assurance for luxury products. View the full range of our offerings today from or call 90305057 Vince Chiang info(AT) or 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 Northstar@amk #06-62 S569880

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