Winged headboards can be both practical and stylish.


Headboards will define the energy of look of your room and it will be the centrepiece of your decor for the room.


If so, if you buy some mass produced headboards, you will probably feel cheap as you sleep. This is certainly not what we want to feel for a good 8 hrs a day, isnt it? We want to feel we care about ourselves and we are worth it.


In addition, you will feel that the quality that you put into your bed will make you feel proud of your choice if your friends or family visit.


So invest in yourself and your life by getting a good quality headboard. If you value your style and home decor, you can even have it custom made in Singapore with us. It will cost you not only more time and money but you are rest assured to be getting one of the best in the world.


This is a beautifully hand crafted extra large headboard. The wingback feature creates a real statement in any room


This tall winged headboard design features large solid timber wings and has an upholstered deep buttoned chesterfield padded centre.


Due to its height and weight it is recommended that the headboard is fixed to the wall. Available in over 200 luxury fabrics for you to choose from .

Contact us at or email: info(at)


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