Sofa types and styles

The most expensive piece of furniture for your home is typically the living room sofa.

In fact, it is generally the central focal point of most home design. Therefore, most homeowners spend a lot of time on choosing the right sofa for their homes.

However, selecting the appropriate sofa style and size is not easy.

The first step is for you to recognize that there are many sofa types and styles available and that their functions and features vary.


Sectional sofa is designed to be separated into several sections which can be repositioned to fit the room.

They are usually sold as modules.


They are also typically bigger and longer and thus ideal for large living rooms. However, you can consider reusing sections of the sofa for your study room if it proves too big for your living room.

Love Seat

Love sofa, as the name implies, is designed for 2 people. Such sofas are perfect for smaller living rooms and are usually placed in at a corner.


Great for couples to spend time together.


Banquette is an upholstered bench or settee custom made to fit for a particular space. It is usually common in restaurants.


In home designs, they are popular pieces for the dining areas.

Chaise Longue

Chaise Longue is French for “long chair”.


It is a small couch meant for lounging and comes with a chair back with one or two armrests at the sides.


Bergere is a French-style upholstered armchair with intricate curved wooden frames.


It is largely used for Victorian home decor.

Slipper Chair

Slipper Chair is a “slimmed down” chair with no armrests.


Because of its slender profile, it takes up lesser space and is popular with smaller living rooms.

Barrel Chair

Barrel Chair, as the name implies, is originally fashioned after the half of a wine barrel.


It is semi-circular in shape and its back may be upholstered.

Wing Chair

Lastly, Wing chair is distinguished by a high chair back and “wings” along the sides with armrests.


They are popular for room corners.

Armchair and Sofa Tips

You should consider the following when choose a sofa:

Consistent Design and Style

Too many differing designs and styles will clash to make the space look jumbled and chaotic.

Hence, place minimally two similar sofa pieces together and use accented pieces such as pillows and curtains in similar upholstered fabric to unify the look.

Create Zones

Set aside each area with a purpose in mind. For instance, if you intend to use Chaise Longue mainly for reading, you should consider getting a matching standing lamp besides it.

Use area rugs or large plants to further distinguish and define these spaces.

Scale and Balance

The size of the sofa should not overwhelm or underwhelm a room. The key is to strike a balance and evenly distribute the visual weight of the furniture pieces so that the pieces complement each other.

For instance, placing a sleek coffee table will look out of place with a chunky barrel chair.

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