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Why make do with mass maket headboards? You know you do not need a discounted bed that tell you that you are worth less.

14 Sumptuous Headboards

Why feel less unique than you really are?

14 Sumptuous Headboards

Why feel less and cheap when you can afford the luxury of a designer headboad that speaks volume into your dream room.

14 Sumptuous Headboards

Contact us so that you can get your bespoke headboard that fits into your room. It is easy, all you have to do is send us images of the headboard that you like and we will be able to give you an rough estimate of the cost to make one.

As custom made headboard is in high demand, we will need at least a month allowance after the confirmation and paid of deposit. Email us now and start the process.

www.centrepiece.com.sg or email: info@centrepiece.com.sg