Direct Sofa manufacturer does not mean cheap but you will get better value for your dollar!

I know we are direct manufacturers, but seriously, are you really expecting a 2.2m, 3-seater brand new custom-made sofa with fabrics at S$900/- dollars? This is entirely Made in Singapore!

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Perhaps you might be able to find it at some low budget furniture stores that offer HUGE discounts for their display set?  Perhaps you might get it from another less developed country? Or maybe you can get it at garage sales?

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Whatever it is, we are unable to do it at that price!

Here are the reasons why…

1)      We only use good quality materials that are build to last therefore our profit margin is low.

2)      Everything is custom made in Singapore, naturally rental and labour cost are high.

3)      Our staffs are all trained and experienced in custom made sofas, good staffs are worth our investment and manpower cost is high.

4)      We don’t cut corners on you. We sincerely want you to get better quality material for the same amount of cost.

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So please be wary of people or products that offer cut throat prices. Like the old saying that goes, if it is too good to be true, you should probably think twice! So do go to reputable manufacturers that are not only transparent in their dealings with you but also has good referrals from your friends.

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For example, we have an open policy of showing you what we have at our workshop and at the same time you are able to request to view your custom make sofa at every stage of the manufacturing process. This is reliability that you can trust.

The cost of using our service at our workshop is certainly not the cheapest in the market. However, it pays to have peace of mind right? Prices really depend on the complexity of the sofa that you want. Generally the fabric choice is also what determines the cost of your sofa. Certain fabrics which are imported from Europe, Belgium and South Africa do cost more.

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Prices for a single new custom made sofa may cost anything between SGD 1.9k to 4.5k. No hidden cost. Only peace of mind and a guarantee for excellent workmanship!

Whatapps at 85224619 or email to


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