MADE IN SINGAPORE SOFA – Luxury for the discerning only.

Custom made sofa and armchair are costly and time consuming if you are in Singapore. However, the quality and being uniquely different are something that you deserve to have in life. How many of us can say that we own a piece of sofa that is MADE IN SINGAPORE. We all know that will be expensive due to the land and manpower cost in Singapore.

But still, why work such long hours and feel that you are not able to afford the luxury of a custom made sofa that is MADE IN SINGAPORE? Be diferent from your peers and show others what you can acquire with your taste in life. Email: or whatapps: +65 90305057 now.

If you are travelling to Singapore for work, you can custom made your sofa about 2 months ahead of your arrival.

If you leaving Singapore, upholstery or custom made your sofa and have it loaded into your container for your next destination.

Whatapps: 90305057.

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