Sofa fabrics matter as much as the actual sofa

Aside from the bed, the sofa has got to be one of the most frequently used furniture in the home. In other words, you’ll need one that can last longer than a millenial’s attention span, and is both comfortable and compatible with the overall décor of the living room.

corazon-yuanching-5What we are trying to advocate is to pick a sofa based on fabric durability. Mind you, we are not advising you to select a sofa based on fabric colour or pattern. We’re talking about the actual material the sofa is made of.

As sofas tend to be heavily utilized, it is prudent to pick one made out of fabric which:

  • Is able to withstand wear and tear
  • Does not snag or easily come undone at the seams
  • Will not easily wrinkle or leave stains
  • Is lint free and does not attract dust (especially so if you or other family members have allergies)

The most common ones in the market are made of cotton or leather. That said, if you’re more inclined to purchase the former because its affordability, it is important to take note of the thread count and yarn density. In addition, it is more eco-friendly and there is less animal cruelty. At centrepiece, you will be able to choose what you need at our workshop in Ang Mo Kio avenue 5.

Image result for custom made pink sofa

And if you think you prefer a sofa made out of other fabrics, there are others made out of synthetic (eg. nylon, polyester blends, rayon) or natural fabrics (eg. silk, linen, wool). Do bear in mind that each of these has their own pros and cons, so it is necessary to do more research before making a purchase.

Image result for custom made pink sofa

Only in Singapore: Whatapps 90305057 and text a photo of what you want to custom made and get a estimated quote.

Email: info(at) and check out


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