Why You Need a Jute Rug

021-Hemp Braided Rug (Hand Stitched)

Add exotic texture to your living room or bedroom with a simple jute rug. Jute, also known as hessian, is a long vegetable-fiber spun into coarse strands that is commonly used to make burlap fabric. These natural fiber rugs are often hand-woven using hessian and other plant fibers, making beautiful organic home decor pieces. Read on for a few reasons to buy a jute rug and tips on purchasing the perfect rug for your home.

Jute Rugs Provide Texture

When you want to add unique flooring to your home, a natural jute rug is the perfect accent piece. Look for a hand-woven braided jute rug you can place in the entryway of your home or buy natural rugs for your living room to complement your couch and other furniture. A sisal jute rug, which combines two plant fibers, will add a smoother texture to your home and set off natural wood decor.

071-Hemp Braided Rug (Hand Stitched).077-Jute Braided Rug

Jute Rugs Are Durable

Jute area rugs are woven from thick fibers and are made to last. They are also naturally brown in color, which makes stains less noticeable. While you can vacuum your sisal jute rug as often as you like to remove dirt and dust, it does not require special everyday care. Even though the weave of these area rugs is tight, they do not hold up as well in a hallway or similarly busy area. When placed in a low-traffic area, such as a bedroom, these natural rugs can last for many years.

078-Jute Braided Rug


Jute Rugs Are Eco-Friendly

Jute rugs make great alternatives to potentially costly machine-made rugs. These natural fiber rugs provide a stylish, raw texture to your home, and should you ever decide to change your decor, they are recyclable as well as biodegradable. Jute is a fast-growing, replaceable fiber, so production of jute area rugs does not harm the environment.

046-Jute Braided Rug

Jute Rugs Work With All Kinds of Home Decor

Jute rugs are versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of looks. Whether you like contemporary design or a vintage vibe, a natural jute rug will add the finishing touch to any room. Buy a rug made of bleached jute fabric for a clean, laid-back feel, or look for a sisal jute rug with a dark brown edge for a bolder look.

001-Hemp Braided Rug (Hand Stitched).

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