Collaborative Customization

We talk in order to help you recognize what you need, to recognize factors that will fulfill those needs and to create customized products following those guidelines.


This businesses approach is primarily meant for our highly-customization-centric clientele. Moreover, this approach seeks to help you, our clients who may struggle to spot exactly what you want and find yourselves confused between a huge variety of options.

Through decreasing options for an individual client, we as a collaborative customizer will help you understand your needs as customers and strives to make it clear for you.


Since the customized production only begins when the order is placed, there is a lesser chance of a loss, which is another way we can reduce our carbon foot prints. This will help create a greener world for our future generation.

Therefore, in the current scenario it is important for businesses to listen to our customers’ needs, taking the likes and dislikes of the customers very seriously. This is because the customers were evolving, and the demands began to vary from customer to customer.


We no longer have customers that are dumb and have big corporations dictating to them what they want. In fact, with the alert public of today, the power structure has been altered forever because businesses have to focus on customers if they wish to stay in the competition and this shows for many of our discerning customers.

Customers who are discerning in quality and luxury will be able to understand the reasons why our sofa will cost a little more than mass produced products. Moreover, our customers have to wait in order to get them as we are a small closely knitted business. Thus you will be assured that all our products will be the utmost quality.

images images23

We want o earn your referrals to your friends.

Contact us and get your customised sofa made with us. 

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